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Meeting Notes-May 24, 2016

posted Jun 8, 2016, 6:59 AM by Sara Erickson   [ updated Jun 8, 2016, 7:08 AM ]

Members Present: Deidre Daly, Tosh Golias, Jenni McDade, Aaron Caplan, Keith Roussil, Ken Feldman, Gayle Gordon, Frank Adams, Sara Erickson, Emily Gubler (Chair), Chief JJ Hoffman

Keith Roussil (Stone Canyon Neighborhood) agree to become a member of the LP board and a POC for Stone Canyon

Aaron Caplan reported that map shows the Stone Canyon neighborhood as part of the North Lyons neighborhood. 
SC neighborhood is not physically accessible by foot for North Lyons. Stone Canyon neighborhood will be added to Eagle Ridge neighborhood on the map.

Keith Roussil reported on possible antenna to improve reception. Tosh reported MURS channels cannot use repeaters.

Radio test will be conducted for Ken and Gayle's area and with Frank in Apple Valley

Action Item: Emily will send a list of email addresses and phone numbers to board members

Chief Hoffman's Report: Goals for LP. After the 2013 flood, Lyons residents identified communication as an area of great importance and need for improvement.  LP formed initially as a disaster response group, but Chief see it as developing in a organization for preparedness and for avenue for communication during other events, such as missing person, snowstorm. Pinewood Springs and Allenspark are interested  in forming groups similar to the LP group.

Fire District will be offering classes in First Aid, CPR, How ICS operates

Chief would like to see kits/maps for neighborhoods

Radios: Radios can be reprogrammed. Take off of scan channels 9 and 10 because there is too much traffic. Chief reported there will be more radios available from Larimer County. Ham radios are possible for some people, Keith is an ham radio operator
Deidre will recruit more members and needs more radios