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Lyons Prepared Steering Committee Minutes 1/15/19

posted Jan 22, 2019, 10:41 AM by Sara Erickson   [ updated Jan 22, 2019, 10:44 AM ]

Lyons Prepared

Minutes 1/15/19

Lyons Fire Station


Members Present: Aaron Caplan, Linda Vahrenkamp, Tosh Golias; Joe Lampe, Ken Feldman, Sara Erickson, Kristen Johnson, Keith Roussil, Joe Lampe, Shannon Davis, Mimi Wesson, Ben Herr, John Tuley, Brian Roberts


Potential Members: John Tuley, Buster Ranch


I.          Projects for 2019


            A.  Members who volunteered to work on a project in 2019


1.   Aaron, Joe: Organize 2019 scenario


2.   Sara, Gayle, Ken, Kristen: Organize 2019 Emergency Preparedness Fair


3.   Mimi: Organize 2019 CPR/AED/first aid training for Lyons Prepared   members


4.   Jack: Organize Outreach activity (for example, video, additional

      preparedness pamphlet) with goal of encouraging neighborhood

      emergency preparedness


5.   Keith: Organize the purchase of items for new neighborhood kits


6.   Ken: Organize recruiting for neighborhoods which don’t have a
      point of contact


7.   Update and maintain Lyons prepared website


8.   Ken: Organize tour for members of neighborhoods in mountain


9.   Linda: Maintain map and contact lists


II.         Co-Chair or Assistant Chair


             A.  Kristen has agreed to take this position.


III.         Presentation by Keith Roussil on how to use Arrive on Scene cards in kits


            A.        Do not provide care if victim does not want it (unless person is unresponsive) Introduce self, and ask “would you like some help?


            B.  ABC Assessment:





            C.   AVPU test for responsiveness:



     Pain (determine if they can feel pain: sternal rub or grab skin on top
             of collarbone)



            D.  SAMPLE: (if victim is awake and or verbal)

     Symptoms (ask how are you feeling?



     Past History

     Last Ins and Outs

     Events (ask what happened?)


E.         Orthopedic Injury: Find out why someone is making a lot of noise if they have a bone injury. Have them wiggle things distal (downstream from injury). Possibly use Sam splint from kit, warm blanket.


F.         Bleeding: use gauze to press on bleeding area or use tourniquet (arterial bleed--spurting out) Tourniquet is used upstream from the injury.


IV.        Additional Items


A.        Gayle has not gotten a response from the Chief regarding the next fair. Tosh will ask Chief if he wants to hold a fair in 2019


B.        Kristin asked if, in an emergency situation in an outlying area, which law enforcement agency responds. Lynda says to tell 911, that you are in Lyons Fire Protection District. Agencies do overlap in responding. Its crucial to give 911 your specific address and the best way to get to your home.


Radio Test is February 19, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.


Next Meeting:  March 19, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at Fire Station


Respectfully submitted

Sara Erickson