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Meeting notes - Sep 19, 2017

posted Sep 21, 2017, 10:49 AM by Toshen

Members present:

Keith Roussil Frank Adams Linda Vahrenkamp

Tosh Golias Ken Feldman

Sara Erickson Bryan Roberts Joe Lampe

Joycelyn Fankhouser Aaron Caplan Jenni McDade

I. Introductions: Joining the meeting was Henri Begin, Stone Canyon neighborhood.

II. Announcements:


Tosh will present on Lyons Prepared at BC Strong Conference at Boulder Jewish Community Center on Thursday, 9/28/17. This is an all day event on resiliency.

October meeting is 10/17/17

November meeting will be on 11/14/17. (one week ahead of usual schedule)

No meeting in December.

III. Discussion Items

A. Tosh gave maps of each neighborhoods for each POC. He will send a pdf to Ken.

IV. Scenario. Annual exercise is set for Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 9:00-11:30. Debriefing and lunch to follow. Emily has been writing scenario. More intense than last year.

A. Assignments

1. Keith and Sara at Lyons Valley Park.

2. Joe and Brian’s at Dakota Ridge. Brian may have to

relay to Jenni.

3. Jenni and Joycelyn at Upper Lyons Park Estates

4. Ken and David DeCoster at Longmont Dam Rd.

         Ken may also have to relay.

5. Frank at Apple Valley

6. Linda, Emily, Aaron and Tosh will be at fire station

B. Radio Use During Scenario: Tosh shared handouts on the radio training. There will be more information right before scenario starts. Tosh suggests we stay in Group 1. LP Command is Channel 1. To talk to other people in LP use channel 5.  2,3,4 are tactical channels. You may be instructed to switch to another tactical channel.

When talking on radio, state who you are calling and then

Identify yourself and your neighborhood. Wait to be acknowledged. Make message as brief as possible. Say break if you want to pause.  Have a notepad next to the radio and write everything down.

POC’s are listed on website. The list is mostly up-to-date.

Keith’s change of address is not yet listed.

V. Formal LP Membership Steering Committee Guidelines

Tosh shared written guidelines. We are an official civilian part of Lyons Fire District. Conducting ourselves professionally is essential. The document includes Expectations, Membership decision process and MURS radio qualification process. LP is about spreading calm and fact-based information dissemination. Radios are expensive and we still need POC’s in X-Bar 7 and Eagle Canyon who will need radios. Cheaper walkie-talkies are an options for communicating within neighborhoods.

VI. Budget and Kits. Keith gave out copies of budget including cost of kits, training scenario expenses, flyer printing and also possible revenue from LCF if we receive the grant. Tosh went through contents of sample kit. Line items for each item in the kit are listed in the budget handout. Cost will cost approximately $380.00 each. Waterproofing the kits were discussed. Map and contact lists will also go in bags and info regarding chain of command. Garmin GPS may be in bags. Phone GPS apps may be a better option for people who have smart phones. POC need to have same user interface. GPS Waypoints Navigator. (for Android phone).

VII.  Lessons From Irma and Harvey

There was a lot of internet communication during these events. Use of Zello. Lyons topography so different from Houston’s that cell phone use will be limited in the event of an weather emergency.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Fire Station No. 1

Respectfully submitted

Sara Erickson