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Meeting notes - Oct 18, 2016

posted Oct 27, 2016, 5:56 PM by Lyons Prepared


  1. Update on Chairperson position.

  2. Follow up on the suggestions for what the banner should have on it, size, etc.

  3. Discuss items for which we can search for donor companies.

  4. Talk about a possible problem with the channels that are programmed into the new radios. On two of the radios we've looked at, it appears that some channels are missing in Group 2.

  5. High Water Mark initiative.

Next meeting: Tue, Nov 15, Fire Station #1, 6:30p - 8p   

Upcoming meetings:

  • No meeting in Dec

  • Tue, Jan 17, Fire Station #1, 6:30p - 8p

  • Tue, Feb 21, Fire Station #1, 6:30p - 8p



Jane Lopez, Aaron, Ken, Sara, Tosh, Keith, Deirdre, Joycelyn, Bryan

Action items

Outstanding action items from the September 20th meeting:

[  ] Frank - Devise a checklist/script for callers to use in an emergency

[  ] Emily - Review process for preferred staging areas for evacuations, getting information (Emily will discuss with Fire District). [Emily: still pending]

[  ] Sara - Research grants available through Longmont Community Foundation

[Sara: They have grant available to anyone in the Longmont area. Due Dec 2nd. Sara will read the application and report back.]

Outstanding action items from the August 16th meeting:

[ x ] Joycelyn - Put together a pamphlet that addresses having enough house insurance. [Jocelyn: Finished]

[  ] Sara - Talk to Chamber of Commerce about getting LP flyers into new resident packets. [Sara: Carry forward]

[ x ] Aaron - Talk to Library about getting LP flyers into their rack. [Aaron: They have a table, but may not be effective. Town hall has a rack that might be better. He will send the PDF to town hall. They will print.]

[  ] Emily - Talk to Lyons Fire Fund about being a fiscal sponsor for grants. [Emily: Lyons Fire Foundation is willing to do this for us; we’ll need to write an agreement with them about who’ll do what.]

[ x ] Aaron - Research Lyons Community Foundation grant. [Aaron: Too late this year so we need to plan for next year]

[  ] Emily - Look into registering name and nonprofit. [Emily: Jocelyn has experience and knowledge about this and will be helping it move forward.]

[ x ] Emily & Aaron - If BOT meeting works, go to BOT on Mon, Aug 22, 7p to present about LP.  [Emily: It went well and the Town said they were available to help as we need it.]

New actions items from current meeting:

[  ] Joycelyn - Send out electronic version of insurance pamphlet.

[  ] Joycelyn - Kick off the process to register name and become a nonprofit. Open a checking account.

[  ] Ken - Organize banner.

[  ] Joycelyn - Sent the size of the banner to Ken.

[ x ] Tosh - Send logo to Ken for banner.

[  ] Aaron - Talk to town about High Water Mark Initiative before Nov mtg.

Next meeting agenda items:

  • Discuss items for which we can search for donor companies.

  • Discuss how many radios we need in neighborhoods and how we organize communications within neighborhoods (especially bigger ones).

  • Discuss contacting 911 based on Bryan’s experience.


Registering name and nonprofit. Minor annual fees. Need officers. Can make applying for a grant easier. If not a 501(c)(3), will need a fiscal sponsor (such as Lyons Fire Fund). Joycelyn: Chair, Emily: Vice chair; Tosh: Secretary; Keith: Treasurer.

Update of chair position. Joycelyn and Emily will be co-chairs.

Banner. Logo, Lyons Prepared, tag line, and web address.

High Water Mark initiative:

From Jane Lopez <>, Larimer Connects ~ Project Mgr, 970-217-4101,

re: FEMA's High Water Mark Initiative. In a nutshell it is (from the fact sheet attached):

"A community based awareness program that increases local communities’ awareness of flood risk and encourages action to mitigate that risk. As part of the project, communities post HWM signs in prominent places, hold a high-profile launch event to unveil the signs, conduct ongoing education to build local awareness of flood risk, and complete mitigation actions to build community resilience against future flooding. "

There have now been two meetings, led by Lori Hodges, to garner support, organize and start to reach out to communities that are interested in participating.

So, wondering if this could be a joint effort between LTWC and LP?  Each community will be given $2000 to assist in the effort, as well as support in design and sign production.  

The participating community responsibility will be as follows:

1) Finding a location for the sign (hopefully with high visibility).

2) Deciding on number of signs.

3) Installing the sign (particularly critical if sign is going to be on private property).

4) Holding some kind of sign dedication "event".

It could be something where we can go to the town and champion it. Jane would need commitment by early Jan.

Could be something that the Parks dept would be interested in (LaVern Johnson park?).

Would need to have a dedication ceremony.

Could possibly partner with St Vrain Creek Coalition.