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Meeting notes - Nov 15, 2016

posted Nov 16, 2016, 1:37 PM by Lyons Prepared


Carry forward from previous meeting:

  • Discuss items for which we can search for donor companies.

  • Discuss how many radios we need in neighborhoods and how we organize communications within neighborhoods (especially bigger ones).

  • Discuss contacting 911 based on Bryan’s experience.

New items:

  • Emily: Exercise debrief

  • We’re a nonprofit! Bank account opened.

  • Keith: MURS radio GO kit.

  • Frank: Call script.

Next meeting: Tue, Jan 17, 2017, Fire Station #1, 6:30p - 8p   

Upcoming meetings:

  • No meeting in Dec

  • Tue, Feb 21, Fire Station #1, 6:30p - 8p

  • Tue, Mar 21, Fire Station #1, 6:30p - 8p



Emily, Aaron, Jan Vermillion, Greg Stone (Stone Canyon), Keith, Sara, Tosh, Linda, Frank, Bryan

Action items

New actions items from current meeting:

[  ] Emily - Article about exercise for newspaper

[  ] Tosh - Send neighborhood after-action report to everyone

[  ] Aaron - Continue to follow-up about high-water project and report back.

Outstanding action items from previous meetings:

[ x ] Joycelyn - Send out electronic version of insurance pamphlet. [PDFs are in file locker on website.]

[ x ] Joycelyn - Kick off the process to register name and become a nonprofit. Open a checking account. [We are officially a nonprofit. PDF stored in Lyons Prepared Google Drive. Checking account opened. Jocelyn will take that to bank to open an account and share details for becoming signers with Emily and Keith.]

[ x ] Ken - Organize banner. [Ken has contacted the banner guy and will get him the banner order this week.]

[ x ] Joycelyn - Sent the size of the banner to Ken. [Presuming this is done since Ken is moving forward with banner.]

[ x ] Aaron - Talk to town about High Water Mark Initiative before Nov mtg. [Mentioned it at the meeting. Victoria says they’re doing that already and will coordinate with us about it.]

[ x ] Frank - Devise a checklist/script for callers to use in an emergency. [Emergency call script for review:]

[  ] Emily - Review process for preferred staging areas for evacuations, getting information (Emily will discuss with Fire District). [The Chief and Emily need to get clearer about what they mean by a staging area.]

[ x ] Sara - Talk to Chamber of Commerce about getting LP flyers into new resident packets. [Chamber doesn’t do new resident packets at this time.]

[  ] Emily - Talk to Lyons Fire Fund about being a fiscal sponsor for grants. [Emily: Lyons Fire Foundation is willing to do this for us; we’ll need to write an agreement with them about who’ll do what.]


Items from donor companies - this would be POC kits. Maps, flashlight, Lyons Prepared signs.

  • Linda - AEDs? Emily: not yet because it’s a big maintenance issue (batteries and pads need to be exchanged every couple of years).

  • Paper maps would be a good first step. Should print them on water resistant paper. Each POC should have own neighborhood and adjacent neighborhoods.

  • We should also identify neighborhood staging areas.

  • Do a training about how to identify coordinates (GPS) via smart phones.

Discuss how many radios we should have in each neighborhood. People who have radios may have people coming to their homes to ask questions in an emergency.

  • We might be able to use Walkie Talkie radios within our neighborhoods. Have one on each block. Chief agrees with that.

  • For MURS radios, we should think about it strategically. They are relatively expensive. We could consider about how neighborhoods are split up geographically.

  • Each neighborhood should think about what the minimum strategic requirements for their neighborhood should be and what the maximum nice-to-have scenario would be.

We got our nonprofit status. But that’s not the same as tax exempt (for donations). Joycelyn will open a checking account and then will ask Emily and Keith to get set up as signers.

Contacting 911 - when the Dakota Ridge fire happened, the call to 911 was challenging because of electrical issues. But also depends on which dispatch center your call gets routed to. Some of them will know which fire district you’re in, some may not, especially if the call is coming in from a cell phone (may be routed through different cell towers). IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT to tell the dispatcher what your address is and that you’re in the Lyons Fire Protection District.

Script for callers:

  • See Frank’s list of questions above. These are questions that everyone (or their kids or their babysitters, etc.) should be prepared to answer when they call 911.

  • It’s important to identify that we’re in Lyons Fire Protection District.

  • Based on our in-meeting feedback, Frank will revise this list and send it to everyone. Please take time to fill out the revised list and then send your feedback to Frank.

Exercise debrief:

  • Thank you to everyone who attended.

  • The antennas make a difference. We should discuss this at a future meeting.

  • We should have an article about this in the paper.

Keith MURS radio Go kit:

  • Radio

  • AA battery shell

  • Extra batteries

  • MURS wallet card

  • Adapter for mag mount car antenna (from ham Comet HM05JSJ)

  • Notepad and pen

  • All in a tough canvas bag from Adventure Tool Company in Nederland. He uses the medium size with orange lining.

Aaron spoke to the town board about high-water mark project.

Aaron spoke to town hall and they’re going to add our brochures to their rack of info.