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Meeting notes - Mar 15, 2016

posted Mar 25, 2016, 1:20 PM by Lyons Prepared   [ updated Mar 25, 2016, 1:20 PM ]

Location: Fire Station #1


  1. Radio update and plan rollout

Suggested first neighborhoods

  • Confluence/Ewald

  • Lyons Park Estates

  • Lyons Valley Park

  • Apple Valley

  • Town North

  • Spring Gulch

  • XBar7

  • Longmont Dam

Along with starting POC Kit

  • Maps for neighborhood and surrounding neighborhood (Quick maps?)

  • Helispots/SA Id’d on maps -- (

  • Org Chart (blank)

  • Roster

  • Reflective Vest

Draft training slideshow created--need a few volunteers to review

  1. CPR/First Aid Class (six hours: two evening nights or one day? Late May-Junish)

  2. Household/individual preparedness education project?

  3. Neighborhood updates

Next meeting: April 19, 6:30p-8:00p

Upcoming meetings: May 17, June 21



Emily, Brian Roberts, Aaron Caplan, Sara Erikson, Brad Childs & Ciana, Tosh

Action items

[  ] Emily - Emily send Gayle the survey results from last June regarding preparedness


Welcome Brad & Ciana (Spring Gulch), with Wilderness Institute.


  • They’re in inventory.

  • Should be taken to Boulder County Sheriff’s office tomorrow for programming, which should take a couple days.

  • Tentative distribution list for first batch of 8 radios:

    • Confluence/Ewald

    • Lyons Valley Park

    • Town North

    • Spring Gulch

    • XBar7

    • Longmont Dam

    • Lyons Park Estates (1 lower, 1 upper)

  • Training along with a POC kit will be in June. The kit will have

    • Maps for neighborhood and surrounding area

    • Helispots/Staging areas identified on maps

    • Org chart (chain of command)

    • Roster - list of firefighters and radio numbers

    • Reflective vest

    • [  ] Emily has created a draft training slideshow. We should review.

  • We need to do some radio testing.

  • If we get them back in the next two weeks, we’ll schedule the first training at our next meeting.

CPR/First Aid Class

  • Six hours of training, could be split into two 3-hour sessions.

  • Fire district has an in-house trainer. They have offered to do a Lyons Prepared training in Late May/early June.

  • Steering committe members prefer two shorter sessions.

Household/individual preparedness education project

  • We were asked by a community member to come to their house and help them know what they need to be adequately prepared. Maybe we should use this as an opportunity to do something that we can share with all our neighborhoods.

  • Two kinds: shelter in place and grab-and-go.

  • Grab-and-go can be a bag or a list that is organized by 5-minute and 30-minute lists.

  • Wilderness Institute has three videos on their website related to this.

  • The lists could be organized into multiple levels: 72-hour, 1 week, 1 month, etc.

  • It would be nice to be able to offer one thing per month or two: radio training, first aid, emergency preparedness training. Could generate a lot of interest.

  • Red Fox might be able to design and manufacture a gran-and-go pack.

  • Wilderness  Fair in Sandstone Park, Sunday, April 24th, 11a - 4p. Red Fox is a sponsor. Wilderness Institute will be having classes.

  • Lyons Prepared can have a table there. We could pass out info and have an activity.

  • Tosh is willing to be the POC for organizing this as long as people are willing to volunteer.

Welcome packets: we could make sure the Chamber, realtors, and Human Services commission have literature about Lyons Prepared for people who are moving into town.