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Meeting notes - Jun 20, 2017

posted Jun 25, 2017, 5:20 PM by Toshen


  1. A quick presentation from Makenzie Boli about the City of Boulder’s resilient together project.

  2. Lyons Prepared leadership changes.

  3. Briefly discuss snow event.

  4. FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness award application.

  5. Discuss the John D. Solomon Whole Community Preparedness Award as an inspiration for our outreach activities.

  6. Keith: update on the Stone Canyon neighborhood.


Agenda items from canceled May meeting:

  • ID cards - Emily has confirmed that all Lyons Prepared members are going to get state ID cards (and they will be free to us). We'll need to provide a copy of our drivers licenses and have our photo taken.

    • Emily - Will email the group to schedule taking the photos.

    • Everyone - In addition, we should all provide a list of related qualifications.

  • Resiliency Grant - Joycelyn has suggested we discuss applying for a United Way Resiliency Grant. She thinks we'd have a good chance of receiving one of these "community friendly" grants.

  • Nonprofit application - Discuss whether we can figure out how to move the application forward.

  • Neighborhood preparedness kits - Figure out what items should be in them, prioritize these items, and start assembling the kits. Some ideas from Emily: Digital map, flashlight and batteries, GPS, small first aid kit, list of contact names, phone numbers, radio call signs of Lyons Fire people, organization chart, how-to sheets for radios and other things, glow sticks.

  • Training scenario - Begin organizing this year's training scenario, which will happen sometime in the Fall.

  • Community awareness raising - Do we want to plan to have a table at any upcoming events (where we could use our fantastic new banner)?

    • Everyone - Is anyone inspired to write an article for the newspapers? Other ideas?


Next meeting: Tue, Jul 18, 2017, Fire Station 1, 6:30p - 8p   

Upcoming meetings:

  • Tue, Aug 15, Fire Station 1, 6:30p - 8p

  • Tue, Sep 19, Fire Station 1, 6:30p - 8p



Emily, Joycelyn, Keith, Aaron, Jenni, Linda, Frank, Gayle, Johanna, Tosh

Action items

Outstanding action items from previous meetings:

[  ] Emily - Print out identify areas where helicopters can land

[ x ] Joycelyn - Talk to area 11. Didn’t work out.

We had CPR/First Aid training. Get together with Emily to talk about this.

[ x ] Aaron - Look into nonprofit application

[ x ] Tosh - Assist Aaron on nonprofit application as needed


New actions items from current meeting:

[  ] Emily - Get a thank you card for Keith

[  ] Emily - Set a date for the training scenario

[  ] Jenni - Article for paper: We got our not for profit status with the state of Colorado.

[  ] Name - Action



  • Makenzie Boli about the City of Boulde’sr resilient together presented about Resilient Together. More information:

  • Lyons Prepared leadership changes.

    • Joycelyn is too busy, so she’s going to step down as co-chair, but still will participate as a neighborhood rep.

    • Tosh will step up as co-chair with Emily.

    • So we need a secretary. That’s open.

  • Aaron was successful in getting us our not-for-profit status with the state of Colorado. Thank you to Joycelyn for starting it and to Aaron for finishing it!

    • We can accept donations or grants up to 25,000 per year, as long as the donor or grantee doesn’t require 501(c)(3).

    • Donations to us aren’t tax deductible.

    • We have an responsibility to file an annual report, which will be the responsibility of Keith as our treasurer.

  • Keith: update on Stone Canyon.

    • Joe and Jill Lampe have volunteered to be the neighborhood point of contact. And they’re willing to attend meetings.

    • There’s also a ham radio operator who lives further up the canyon and is connected into BARC and is willing to help out.

    • Keith is moving into Town north, on 2nd Ave. Has easy access to Fire Station 1.

  • Snow event: Why didn’t we activate Lyons Prepared? 911 was functional, could drive in and out, still had cell service. Lyons Prepared can NOT create emergencies when there’s not one.

  • Sara completed and submitted our application for the FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness award. Thank you, Sara!

  • The John D. Solomon Whole Community Preparedness Award is named for the late creator of the groundbreaking blog, In Case of Emergency, Read Blog: A Citizen’s Eye View of Public Preparedness,

    • Mr. Solomon’s work was striking in its reporting, analysis, engagement, and impact in preparing the public, informing professionals, and bringing about change in both the public and private sectors. Mr. Solomon organized conferences, proposed legislation, posted interviews, evaluated how government and nongovernmental organizations were using social media tools, promoted others’ initiatives to policy makers, organized contests to foster citizen preparedness, and interviewed emergency management leaders.

  • BOCO Strong has asked Lyons Prepared to do a presentation at their Resiliency summit in September and to be on a panel discussion.

  • The ID cards projected has been postponed for a month, but it will happen.

  • Foothills United Way has resiliency grants. Grants are usually around $1500. Could be something like we want to use it for things like communications items, neighborhood kits.

    • Joycelyn will start working on the grants. Gayle and Jenni will assist.

  • Keith Ryen, who attended the first aid/CPR training with us, donated CPR masks and gloves to us for use.

  • Training scenario - Begin organizing this year's training scenario, which will happen sometime in the Fall. Some ideas from Emily:

    • Different (possibly more) Lyons Fire people involved.

    • Have the scenario happen in different and possibly more Lyons Prepared neighborhoods this year.

    • Have some Lyons Prepared people at the fire station as observers, possibly the people who experienced the scenario in their own neighborhood last year (Linda, Aaron, Tosh).

    • Joycelyn is willing to help Emily create the scenario.

  • We should all do the FEMA ICS basic training:

  • Community awareness. Do we want to commit to any outreach awareness events?

    • If people sign up, we have to get there names to the neighborhood POC.

    • National night out in early August. Tosh, Joycelyn are willing to help with that.

    • Sandstone concerts. Jenni is willing to do one.

    • Gayle and Ken have the banner.

    • Tosh has water packets.

    • Emily has flyers.