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Meeting notes - July 18, 2017

posted Jul 20, 2017, 8:02 AM by Sara Erickson   [ updated Jul 20, 2017, 8:18 AM ]


  1. Tosh: Secretary position

  2. Tosh: Talk about the very visible (front top page Lyons Recorder) installation of water rescue stations installed in Pinewood Springs

  3. Update on Foothills United Way grant

  4. Emily: Training scenario date: October 14

  5. Emily: Kits

  6. Emily: ID cards

Next meeting: Tue, Aug 15, 2017, Fire Station 1, 6:30p - 8p   

Upcoming meetings:

  • Tue, Sep 19, Fire Station 1, 6:30p - 8p

  • Tue, Oct 17, Fire Station 1, 6:30p - 8p



Emily, Joycelyn, Keith, Aaron, Jenni, Linda, Sara, Brian, Tosh

Action items

Outstanding action items from previous meetings:

[  ] Emily - Print out identify areas where helicopters can land

[ x ] Emily - Set a date for the training scenario


New actions items from current meeting:

[  ] Jenni - Article for paper: We got our not for profit status with the state of Colorado.


  • Sara has accepted the position of Secretary for LP.


  • Water Rescue Stations:

    • Tosh shared an article in Lyons Recorder about Pine Wood Springs Water Rescue Stations.

    • A similar project for LP would benefit St. Vrain river safety and provide visibility for LP.

  • Sandstone Concerts Outreach Table:

    • Joycelyn will sit at the table at this week’s Sandstone Concerts.

    • She will try to make an announcement from the stage.

  • Grants:

    • Joycelyn shared update on Foothills United Way grant application. The announcement date for the award won’t be until around December.

    • Town of Lyons Goodwill Grant: Emily shared it is open and the deadline has been extended. A 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship is required.

  • Forming as a 501(c)(3):

    • The Fire District declined to act as fiscal sponsor for LP.

    • Keith shared that Bank of the West fees are too excessive. Then he went to Elevations in Credit Union. They could not find LP on the Colorado Secretary of State website; Joycelyn stated that it should be there. Elevations requires a 501(c)(3) status for a free checking account.

    • Keith suggested that we we take the steps required to become a 501(c)(3). Lyons Volunteers is one and Rebecca Louzan might be someone to consult regarding forming a 501(c)(3).

    • For 501(c)(3): Bylaws, officers and address are required. Lyons Fire District address can be used.

    • ACTION ITEM: Keith will research starting a 501(c)(3).

    • Joycelyn will send Keith the bylaws of the Lyons Garden Club.

    • Need to define membership, i.e. who has a vote. Emily thinks people who are points of contact should be voting members.

    • Need clear rules on how someone becomes a steering committee member and how someone leaves the steering committee.

  • High Water Initiative:

    • Aaron shared that the town is working on the issue.

    • A 4-year anniversary event will have columnar high water makers that will be placed in Meadow Park, Bohn Park and maybe Town Hall.

  • Kits:

    • LP scenario will be held October 14th.

    • Emily would like to have the kits ready by then.

    • Medical items in kits: gloves and CPR masks, BP cuff, stethoscope, spot, tourniquets, trauma sheets, basic gauze (4x4s), medical tape.

    • Other items in kits: bright container, flashlight, batteries, glow sticks, GPS, maps, org chart for Lyons Fire, contact names and info for Lyons Fire.

    • Gloves and CPR masks have already been donated.

    • Key items:  org chart, maps and contact names of Lyons Fire.

    • X-motion-gps maps or similar should be in kits and backup chargers should be part of kits.

    • By September 19th we will have the gloves and masks, maps, org chart and contact names.

    • Tosh and Aaron recommend that members take the FEMA ICS online training prior to the scenario. Link to the training:

  • Lyons Fire/Lyons Prepared Training Scenario:

    • Is set for October 14, 2017.

    • There will be 5 neighborhoods participating: Longmont Dam Rd, LVP, Lyons Park Estates, Dakota Ridge and Apple Valley.

    • Participants will have ID cards with photo and qualifications listed on cards.

  • Sign-Ups for info on LP:

    • Jenny shared information on people who are interested in LP who filled out sign up sheets at the Sandstone Concerts.

    • She will send the names to Tosh who will send the names to the POC’s.

  • Newspaper article:

    • Jenny will prep a newspaper article to recruit volunteers to receive emergency info and share emergency info.

    • Three biggest unfilled POC’s are: X-Bar 7, Stone Canyon and Eagle Canyon.

    • Keeping LP visible is something we should continue to do.