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Meeting notes - Feb 20, 2018

posted Feb 25, 2018, 5:38 PM by Toshen

Attendees: Emily, Keith, Henri, Linda, Shannon Davis (Hwy 36), Joycelyn, Bryan

Joycelyn: Grant: Foothills United Way: We just need to request the money. A certain portion of the money is for doing events.

[ ] Tosh: Email the Chief and Liz and find out where the money should go. $1500.

[ ] Joycelyn: Contact Ken, Gayle, and Joe to get a list of items.

Henri: We can post through the fire department’s Facebook page (with their permission and review). The focus should be to share public service content with a tie-in to inviting people to find out more about Lyons Prepared.

Keith: Snake Bite Lecture. One of the main causes or problems with snake bites is the types of treatment provided.

  • Most important: stay calm.

  • Life threatening envenomations (bite and injection of venom) are rare in North America.

  • Most snake bites are to the hand. Don’t put your hand near snakes.

  • Most of the time you’ll have localized tissue damage.

  • If there are life threatening symptoms, call 911.

  • Many bites are dry bites, but if you get bit, start heading towards a hospital.

  • Call 1-800-222-1222. Poison and Drug Center.

  • Local symptoms: swelling, bruising, redness, pain.

  • Field treatment:

    • “Do not delay transport to medical care in order to perform first aid measures.”

    • Wash with mild soap and water.

    • If there are systemic signs and symptoms and transport time is > 1 hr, you can apply a venous constriction band (not a tourniquet). But don’t do this lightly, because you’re increasing the risk of damage to the limb.

    • Immobilize the site (splint and sling).

    • If possible, keep the wound at or below the level of the heart.

    • Take off rings, watches, etc.

  • Key is early detection and treatment with CroFab. But make sure they are consulting with Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center.

    • Surgeons are generally not helpful.

  • Never ever:

    • Cut and suck.

    • Use a sawyer extractor.

    • Pack with ice.