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Meeting notes - Aug 16, 2016

posted Aug 17, 2016, 3:45 PM by Lyons Prepared   [ updated Aug 17, 2016, 3:46 PM ]


  1. Aaron - Monitoring the radio during the Cold Springs fire.

  2. Update on Sara’s open house.

  3. Tosh - Set up a new antenna test.

  4. Additional MURS radios.

  5. Sara - Banner.

  6. Sara - United Way Grants

  7. Sara - Mayor Connie Sullivan interested in more visibility of LP in town.

  8. Joycelyn - Mayor Connie Sullivan requests LP update to BOT.

Next meeting: Tue, Sep 20, Fire Station #1, 6:30p - 8p   

Upcoming meetings:

  • Tue, Oct 18, Fire Station #1, 6:30p - 8p

  • Tue, Nov, 15, Fire Station #1, 6:30p - 8p

  • No meeting in Dec.



Emily, Sara, Keith, Joycelyn, Aaron, Tosh, Frank, Paul (Asst Fire Chief)

Action items

Outstanding action items from previous meetings:

[ x ] Emily - Send a list of email addresses and phone numbers to board members

New actions items from current meeting:

[  ] Joycelyn - Put together a pamphlet that addresses having enough house insurance.

[  ] Tosh- Coordinate antenna test.

[  ] Sara - Talk to Ken and Gayle to follow up with them about their friend who might be able to make us a banner at cost.

[  ] Sara - Talk to Chamber of Commerce about getting LP flyers into new resident packets.

[  ] Aaron - Talk to Library about getting LP flyers into their rack.

[  ] Emily - Talk to Lyons Fire Fund about being a fiscal sponsor for grants.

[  ] Sara - Research Lyons Community Foundation grant.

[  ] Emily - Look into registering name and nonprofit.

[  ] Aaron - Email Connie to see if this Mon works to present LP to BOT.

[  ] Emily & Aaron - If BOT meeting works, go to BOT on Mon, Aug 22, 7p to present about LP.

[ x ] Tosh - Frank’s address: 44 JJ Kelly Road. [List updated]


Monitoring radio - Really worth doing. During Cold Spring fire, BFDNorth was good to listen to. BCARES ham radio network was beneficial. They were able to coordinate between EOC and shelters.

Introducing Joycelyn - She has a new position with Boulder County: Emergency Mgmt Coordinator for Housing & Human Services and Community Services.

Sara’s open house - Here are some of the points/ideas discussed:

  • 10 - 12 people attended.

  • Very positive meeting.

  • Sara’s next goal is to work on the contact tree.

  • Improve access to accurate information coming from emergency responders.

  • Improve communication between neighbors during an emergency event.

  • A discussion with St. Vrain School District regarding access to the high school during an emergency situation.

  • A checklist should be devised for households such as how to turn off gas, water etc.

  • A plan to check on vulnerable neighbors.

  • A list of people in the neighborhood who have resources such as a generator or solar charger.

  • Recruit at least two people per street as points of contact to alert other neighbors.

  • Create a contact “tree.”

  • Create a neighborhood listing.

  • Create a packet for new neighbors.

  • Try to acquire additional radios.

  • Back up for Sara’s radio.

  • For the size of their neighborhood, they need more radios.

Insurance - Joycelyn: one thing learned from Cold Springs fire is that many people who lost their homes were underinsured.

Radio Test - Frank and Tosh (maybe Dierdre) should do a radio test. Send email to everyone.

Additional MURS radios - Emily is working on it. Hopes to have them by end of year.

Banner - It would be good to have a banner for tables at special events.

Distributing flyers - Can we get them into library, Welcome Center, Chamber of Commerce.

Becoming more official - We should register our name with the CO Secretary of State.

We should register with the state as a nonprofit. (Then we have to file a federal tax return.)

Mayor Connie Sullivan - Wants LP to have more visibility in town, and would like someone to come to the BOT to present.

Lyons Area Amateur Radio Net (LAARN) - We had our first net last Tuesday. 10 people checked in. It would be nice someday to have a Ham station in Fire Station #1 with a good antenna, maybe a repeater on the roof.

New chairperson - In Oct, LP will be 2 years old. Emily will stay in the lead position until Dec 31, 2016, then we need to find a new lead person. As a group, we need to figure out who the new person should be.

Drill - Before end of year (Oct or Nov), we will do a drill. Probably a Saturday morning drill followed by a gathering at Fire Station #1 with food.