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Lyons Prepared Minutes 3/19/19

posted Nov 19, 2019, 5:05 PM by Sara Erickson

Lyons Prepared

Minutes 3/19/19

Lyons Fire Station

Members Present: Aaron Caplan, Linda Vahrenkamp, Tosh Golias; Joe Lampe, Gayle Gordon, Ken Feldman, Kristen Johnson, Mimi Wesson, John Tuley, Brian Roberts, Jack Jostes, Jenni McDade

Guests: Pennie Hobart (Grey Mt area), Linda Brohm (Blue Mt area)

Emergency Kits

Plan is to get in touch with Keith to get the kits put together. Waiting on some parts to come in. Plan is to have a party to put packs together. 

Discussed new member requirements

Tosh discussed the required elements that have to be completed prior to becoming a member of the group. This includes completing the FEMA ICS 100 training, scenario events, a 6-month probationary period and attending at least 3 meetings per year.  Meeting occur every other month. Tosh passed out maps which showed the neighborhood areas within the Lyons fire district and a second map with the X-Bar/Blue Mountain area with the potential helicopter landing areas. 

Mimi: Update on CPR/AED/first aid training. 

Ten people attended the training held on March 2nd. Participants agreed that the training was very beneficial and the trainer Ann Reid did not excellent job. Group members that are interested in competing this training can contact Ann directly. This training is also available through Longmont United Hospital. Both the Red Cross and American Heart Association offer trainings. May ask Ann to do another training for the group. 

Aaron: Scenario training update. The purpose of the training was presented to the group – a disaster has happened, communications are impaired, the group get activated to practice communicating with each other and the ICS team. Actors may be sent to homes to interact with Prepared members to practice dealing with a variety of situations. Aaron posed questions to the group on how to proceed with developing the scenario. Will other people volunteer? He and Tosh will discuss options prior to approaching the chief with the plan. 

Gayle: Update on Emergency preparedness fair

The tentative date for the fair is September 21st. Gayle provided an overview of what was done at the fair the previous year. Goal of the fair is to have people better prepared. Discussion on whether to also participate in National Night out. Aaron volunteered to talk to the school about getting information out to families through the school. Possibly can advertise as part of the fire week at school. Tosh will talk with the chief about this. Discussed the need to get sponsors.

Tosh recommended that the tables be closer together (more compact) compared to last year where they were spread over two of the bays. It would be useful to have a big map so people can see the different neighborhoods and get contact information for their Lyons Prepared volunteer at the fair. Discussed what activities occurred last year – demonstrations, giveaways and agencies that were involved. Who do we want to involve this year? 

Jack recommended that we get the committee together to brainstorm on who to solicit money from to pay for the event and group needs. Discussion on what is the goal of the video is - which he volunteered to produce. Who will be the spokesperson for the video? Can use stock pictures of the flood to encourage interest in the program. What is the goal: want to promote people to get better prepared for an emergency? John stated that maybe the goal is help facilitate people coming together and to help each other in an emergency situation. Jack stated that we could do Facebook ads for the entire Lyons fire department area to generate income, but there are costs involved. What are the costs associated with the video? Would need to purchase ads on Facebook. Discussed outreach that was conducted last year to get prizes and goods from retailers. Gayle will lead group to further brainstorm options and plans for the fair. 

Discussed that the Prepared group does not have a centralized system for outreach. A lot of information is on the website.  The Spring Creek neighborhood under Linda’s guidance has an extensive educational outreach program and literature for each new resident. They started their program in 1999 for Y2K concerns. There are 120 homes in this area and it is broken down into smaller subgroups of 10 or so to deal with private emergency information needs.

 Ken: Organize recruiting for neighborhoods that don’t have a point of contact. 

Plan is to put information on the group in coffee shops; Lyons Happenings on Facebook is also a good resource for information on the community. Outreach during National night out is another option. Apple Valley, Eagle Canyon and Eagle Ridge were identified as areas that need a group volunteer. 

Ken: Group Tour of fire district

Ken’s new neighbor has a party bus business that could take a group for a tour of the district. Will send out an email with follow up on dates. 

Tosh: Still working on the website. It would be good to have Spanish versions of key preparedness information that we post on our website and distribute at events. 

Linda: has the list of all contact information for the group members

Radio Test on February 19, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

The radio test showed that the group has good connectivity between each other, with some relaying required to get information in the Blue Mountain, X-Bar 7, Sunship and Rabbit Mountain area.  


Next meeting: May 21st. Radio test in April?