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Lyons Prepared Meeting Minutes - May 19, 2020

posted May 21, 2020, 1:28 PM by Toshen   [ updated May 21, 2020, 1:29 PM ]
Zoom (virtual) session

Attendees: Tosh, Gayle+Ken, Jenni, Aaron, Keith, Stephen, Linda V., John+Kristin, Shannon, Linda B., Jocelyn, Joe

Initial meeting agenda:

  1. Check in with everyone. 

    1. Tosh checked in with everyone. All doing well, for the most part - some working from home, taking care of/schooling kids, home projects, walks in and around property, etc. Feeling blessed.  Some things of note:

    2. Jenni’s daughter graduating from CSU with top honors

    3. Aaron – Town trustees talking about handing operation of Lyons sewage plant over to the Longmont facility.

  2. Plans for the rest of the year: 

    1. Emergency Preparedness Fair – Tosh felt it should be cancelled and wait till next year - all agreed. 

    2. National Night Out: cancelled – Sergeant Chris decided to cancel for safety.

    3. Disaster Scenario: would be challenging to do social distancing (SD). Cancelled.

    4. First Aid Training: Cancelled.

    5. Radio practice: All in favor of doing this in summer. Easier to do SD when it’s not freezing outside. Since we’re meeting every other month – Ken suggested we skip a  month and do it July 21 in lieu of our next meeting – all agreed.

  3. What Aaron learned during the power outage: 

    1. Chief put everyone on standby in case the situation became critical. Luckily the outage didn’t last very long and everyone had power back on by 10 AM.

    2. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the chief talking about contingency plans - once things start to open up again, make sure people are thinking about how they’ll deal with SD and other concerns.

    3. There was a bit of miscommunication re the plan - EOC had a plan in place to transport the vulnerable to hotel rooms, etc. - this will be communicated better.

  4. Joycelyn’s experience preparing to meet the needs generated by the pandemic

    1. EOC activated in early March, ahead of much of the state and so were in a good position to deal with things as they developed. They set up POCs in Nederland, Longmont, Boulder, etc. monitoring food banks, child care facilities, etc. 

    2.  Set up homeless shelters providing room and board in hotels for the most vulnerable. Shelters are still running. 

    3. Screening, providing PPE to medical staff, ahead of the curve on these things. 

    4. Jenni felt ill last week and got tested at King Soopers and tested negative. Called her doctor who told her to go to the ER. They didn’t know about the test sites. Tosh asked her to email the group the info. 

    5. Kristin will email out a website link to Channel 9 News (Denver) and Channel 2 for the latest updates and local news about covid.

  1. Tosh informed everyone of the need for interested individuals for the Lyons Fire Fund: This nonprofit needs board members. A relatively easy board (meets appx. once per quarter), but very important to the fire district, and some donations and grants must go to a 501(c)(3). It's also fun because you get to make decisions about funding some good projects.