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posted Nov 19, 2019, 5:39 PM by Sara Erickson




Members Present: Jenni McDade, Aaron Caplan, Keith Rousil, Linda, Gayle, Tosh Golias, Brian Roberts, Linda Vahrencamp, John Tuley, Penny Hobert, Linda Brome Kristin Westhoff, Joycelyn Fankhouser, 


  •    Vendors who will be present: bcares, Red Cross, Larimer

     Connects, First Aid table in coordination with LUH, LFD, Horses

     Forever, LP,  Team Rubicon, Pye Barker

  •      Keith will supervise nursing students at the emergency demo table.

  •      There will be an area to check fire extinguishers and bring in dead extinguishers.

  •       Set up is at 8:30

  •      Members should send out reminders to their neighborhoods. Gayle will send flyer to members.

  •       Jenni obtained gift cards from ACE, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Oscar Blues

  •       The Chief will take any extra prizes and donate them as needed.

  •      Lisa with Lyons Recreations wants to leave her Vulnerable Persons List. The Board decided that it is not appropriate for LP to have Responsibility for this list. If Lisa wants to leave a brochure, we can have on a table, but no lists.

  • Pillowcase activity-Jocelyn will get info from Red Cross.

II. Emergency Scenario-Aaron Caplan

  •  Scenario will be held on 10/5/19 at 9:00 a.m.

  •      Assignments:

     -Fire Station: Joe, Keith and Ken

              -Sara’s:  Ben and Mimi

     -Jenni’s: Kristen and Tosh

     -Linda Brome’s: Gayle and Penny

               -Aaron may host Laurie

  • Aaron will send out the email with the plan the day before. 

  • We will plan a tabletop exercise after the event to work on

     areas that need practice, i.e a flood, fire or other emergency.

  • Next year scenario: Victoria is interested in having the town


III. Feedback Regarding Fire on Blue Mountain-Tosh

  •  Tosh shared that Ben was concerned because he did not know how to give his neighbors info in LP. We will discuss at next meeting that Ben is able to attend.

  • Members can also scan BCFD on their radio channels. BC and Larimer County dispatch APP broadcastify. John will share link,

  • BC twitter feed is also a good source in up-to-date emergency information.

  • Tosh also suggested each member create an email communication list for their neighborhood.

  • For more rural neighborhoods: Tosh will provide an LP sign so neighbors could come to the house and they could radio the FD.

IV. VOAD-Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster- Joycelyn

  • BC VOAD was formed after the flood. Other orgs (e.g. Red Cross, Team Rubicon, Salvation Army) have reps on VOAD. They have 1-2 meetings a year. Joycenlyn invited interested members to attend VOAD meeting on 9/24/19 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. at Boulder Presbyterian Church, 3262 No. 61st. Kristin and Tosh will attend.

V. Other

  • FEMA 400 classes will be offered in Boulder for free and will be held sometime in October. Joycelyn will provide info to those members interested.

  • Linda V. updated email list.  Please let her know of any changes.

  • CPR training class will be held for members who want to participate-Mimi will arrange, date to be set.

  • LP ID badges. Some members will need them. Kristin will send out email with information needed for badge.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sara Erickson