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Meeting notes - Feb 16, 2016

posted Feb 19, 2016, 10:22 AM by Lyons Prepared   [ updated Mar 28, 2016, 8:46 AM ]


  1. Radio update - still in process; training slideshow started. 

  2. Red sign update - almost all distributed. 

  3. Summer Visibility / Continuing Momentum. 

  4. Neighborhood updates. 

Next meeting: March 15, 6:30p - 8:00p. 

Upcoming Meetings: April 19, May 17.



Emily Gubler, Sara Erickson, Aaron Caplan, Frank Adams, Gayle Gordon. 

Action items

[  ] Emily - Emily send Gayle the survey results from last June regarding preparedness. 


I. Radio Update

The radios will be brought to Boulder next week for programming.

Emily is preparing a slideshow presentation re radios

Ken reviewed field-of-view option on Google

Team will decide what makes the most sense for distribution of radios (funded for 13)

II. Red Signs

The signs have been distributed and project is complete

[Post meeting note from Tosh: Yesterday, Garima and I drove up our neighborhood to drop off the last red sign at one of our neighbor's place, which is way up at high in the neighborhood. As we went up, we passed our nearest neighbor's red sign, and then it was: "Oh, there's one! ... and another one! ... and another one!" all the way up the hill. They really stand out well. Love it!]

III.  LP Summer Visibility

-Sandstone Concerts Series held mid-July to end of August. LP can have a table with brochures

-Planet BlueGrass smaller concerts. Aaron will explore possibility with Craig Ferguson

-Arielle Hogson will send out email blast for any publicity we need

-Emily is in charge of Fire Department presentations done at elementary school. LP brochure could be added to bag given to the children.

-Rogers Hall during concerts is another possible place for brochures

-Gayle has a contact for a banner

-Gayle will watch websites for town events (i.e. Town and Chamber websites)

-Other possible brochure sites: library, Stone Cup, Town

-Emily will write articles for Redstone Review about Red Signs and radios

IV. Neighborhood Updates

-Sara planning to host neighborhood gathering—hopefully in March. She will contact Joycelyn Fankhouser for assistance

-Gayle-neighborhood still in flood recovery- some buyouts, so still waiting for bridges

V. Other Items

-Larimer Connects-Emily might be on the board. Larimer County Office of Emergency Mgt is involved.

-Utilities Board-LP was mentioned in connection with a discussion on solar storage. Resilience and sustainability could be an area for LP

-Possible lecture series-psychological first aid, property insurance, might be a topic

-Education connection-Involve high school students in a LP project?

-Minutes-Should they be posted on the website? Group thinks it is a good idea--how much work is it?