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11/12/19 Lyons Prepared Meeting Minutes

posted Nov 19, 2019, 5:00 PM by Sara Erickson


Lyons Prepared Meeting Minutes

Lyons Fire Station No. 1

Members present: Linda Vahrenkamp, Ben Herr, Mimi Weston, KristenJohnson, John Tuley, Linda Brome, Brian Roberts, Aaron Caplan, Joe Lampe, Tosh Golias, Jenni McDade, Sara Erickson. 

I. Reflections on Accomplishments in 2019

  1. Smita Skrivanek of StageCoach Mountain Trail was present as a potential member.

B. 2019 Accomplishments: National Night Out, First aid trainings, Scenario, Preparedness Fair, Radio Trainings, increased size of membership.

C. Several members requested an advanced training on using the contents of the kits. REI has a wilderness first aid training course, but the cost is $250.00. We can probably find a professional to conduct a training for the members. Keith could do a mini training each meeting on the contents and use of the kits. Mimi will contact REI as to whether they would provide a training to volunteers at a reduced cost.

D. Increasing LP visibility in the town. We still need representatives from Eagle Canyon, Confluence and Apple Valley. Aaron agreed to represent LP to the town.

II. Scenario Recap-Aaron Caplan

A. Aaron described the scenario and the lessons learned. How involved should LP be

 during a disaster? How much LP involvement would there be after an event? We need more training ahead of time (e.g. radio drills, knowing the contents of the kits) to help us to better respond to a disaster. We could possibly involve the town personnel in the next scenario.

B. Joe suggested the members view the Frontline Program on the Camp Fire in California.

C. Regarding fire mitigation: Kristin suggested that neighbors need to work together to clear their properties of fire hazards.

D. Smita described a program of fire adaptive communities. Boulder County has WildFire Partners. There is not a similar program for properties in Larimer County. Chief Hoffman is a good ambassador regarding fire mitigation and he will talk to groups/road association meetings. Lyons Fire Protection District will provide mitigation advice/information to homeowners. 

III. New Roles, Responsibilities and Projects for 2020.

Minutes: Sara will continue taking minutes. 

Preparedness Fair: Kristin, Linda B. Jenni and Sara will plan the Preparedness Fair. 

Scenario: Mimi and Ben will work on the scenario with assistance from Smita, Aaron and Tosh. Details from previous scenarios are posted on the LP website. Aaron can represent the LP scenario plans to the town, but the Chief would have to have input before LP approaches the town about the scenario.

National Night Out-Joe will represent LP at the event which will be held in August.

Assumption of Chair Responsibilities: Kristin can co-chair with Tosh. Joe may be interested in the future, but not at this time.

IV. Table Top Exercise for next year

A. John-Possibly hold a table top exercise similar to a scenario, but have it at a regular meeting. Jocelyn and John will talk about what the exercise will look like and make a presentation at the next meeting.

V. Blue Mountain Fire-Lessons Learned

During the Blue Mountain fire, Ben contacted his neighbors by using his ATV.  Ben did not have information to share with neighbors about the response to the fire. He did not know what to tell neighbors what to do. Ben suggested that LP members have a liaison with Fire Department who they could call to provide information to LP members who  can then report to their neighbors. Ben will summarize his ideas and he and Tosh can meet with the Chief.

Members are reminded to recharge batteries in kits.

Next Meeting: 1/21/2020