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January 16, 2018 Board Meeting

posted by Sara Erickson

Lyons Prepared Board Meeting

Wednesday, January 16, 2018

Lyons Fire Department

Members present:

Tosh Goliad, Joe Lampe, Ken Feldman, Gayle Gordon, Aaron Caplan, Emily Gubler, Bryan Roberts, Henri Begin, Linda Vahrenkamp, Jenni McDade, Keith Roussil and Sara Erickson

Tosh noted that we are missing Frank Adams tonight and are so sorry for the loss of our friend and LP member.

I. Foothills United Way Grant Award

  LP received $1500.00 grant from Foothills United Way. The board plans to purchase of bags

  for emergency kits with the grant money

   Ken, Gayle and Joe Gale will be in charge of the purchase of the bags.

II. Identifying Additional Funding Opportunities

   Discussion of local insurance companies or businesses who sponsor community

   preparedness to grant LP some funds. Jenni suggested an informational sheet to present to

   potential donors.

III. Update on budget

    Keith shared that full kits will cost $389.00 with GPS devices and $300.00 without.

    Reimbursement of Ken and Gayle for the banner is in the budget.

    We are a line item in Lyons Fire budget.

IV. Human services request to identify seniors.

     Human Services and Aging Commission would like LP to identify residents who are elderly

     or with safety issues. Tosh has reported to them that we don’t feel this part of our mission. A

     Human Services and Aging Commission meeting on this topic will be held on 1/22/18 at

     12:30 p.m. at Lyons Town Hall Board Room. They have invited LP members. Tosh reported

     to them that we are not interested in compiling such a list, but will take the list if they compile

     and add any seniors who would indicate to LP that they want their names given to our


      Keith said that Wendy Miller, who is on that committee, reached out to him and he gave the

      same response as Tosh. Keith volunteered to attend the HSAC meeting and represent LP.

       Linda shared that Spring Gulch residents can complete a questionnaire and give

       information regarding their situation which is shared with neighborhood leaders.

       Residents are given the opportunity to opt in or not

V.     Mini Training on Patient Field Assessment

       Keith Roussel presented the mini assessment.

       In kit: have a notebook and pen in your kit and copy ABC and SAMPLE acronyms on first

       page. Also refer to card provided by Tosh.

       Useful acronyms:







       S-symptoms (how are you feeling)



       P-past medical history?

       L-Last ins/out (what did last eat or drink)

       E-events What happened?



       V-verbally responsive

       P-painfully responsive


       Rule of 3’s

       A human can go 3 minutes w/out air

       A human can go hours w/out warmth

       A human can go days w/out water

       A human can go w/out food

       Always send note pages with the emergency provider.

       Never put anything or anyone in a car if you have no clear plan to get them in or out

       Do no put an unresponsive person in a car. Call fire department

Items in Keith’s first aid kit: Israeli bandage, tourniquet, if you use one: put time you applied         it on the tourniquet. Gloves, notepad, gauze, ace wrap, ABD pads or maxi pads; pocket


VI.  Incident Command System

     Aaron suggested LP may want to have an ICS refresher prior to the scenario practice. We

     needed to understand the ICS structure. Emily: we can talk about divisions in a geographic

     area. We do have our own geography but we do talk to the Incident Commander LP

     members should transmit and receive info through a LP incident commander type person or

     surrogate of IC.

     The Incident Commander would name someone to be liaison with LP. The name of the

     liasion would be communicated to LP in an actual emergency.

VII. LP Facebook Presence

     Henri -can post up to Lyons Happenings or create a LP FB group.  The Town or Lyons Fire

     do not like to use Lyons Happenings due to rumor factor

     LP does need a platform like FB for publicity of our work and announcements.

     Emily suggested that we consult with Chief prior to setting up a FB group. The topic was

     tabled to the next meeting.

VIII. False Alerts

     Bryan suggested that we keep in mind that false alerts occur. The incident in Hawaii was an

     Extreme example, but it needs to be considered that it could happen here. Check your

     radio to verify or confirm with LFD or nonemergency line at Boulder County.

Next meeting

February 20, 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Sara Erickson

LP Secretary


Frank Adams, Sep 26, 1944 – Dec 19, 2017

posted Dec 29, 2017, 7:06 AM by Toshen Golias

Frank volunteered for Lyons Prepared in the Apple Valley neighborhood. 
He was a wonderful and generous teammate, and we will miss him dearly. 
Our condolences to his family and loved ones.

Meeting Notes-11/14/17

posted Nov 17, 2017, 1:23 PM by Sara Erickson   [ updated Nov 18, 2017, 4:03 PM ]

Lyons Prepared Minutes

November 14, 2017  

6:30 p.m.

Lyons Fire Station #1


Members present: Tosh Golias, Emily Gubler, Keith Roussel, Frank Adams, Brian Roberts, Jenni McDade, Henri Begin and Sara Erickson

I. Miscellaneous and House Keeping Items:

Antennae were given to Sara and Henri. A walkie-talkie was given to Sara

Henri shared that there is a general recall of Kiddie Co fire extinguishers. Plastic handles are defective and can leak. Board members are encouraged to email their neighbors regarding this recall

We did not receive the 2017 LCF grant or the FEMA recognition awards. Backpack/kits will remain on hold until we obtain funding

Keith will delist LP from the Secretary of State nonprofit list. Listing with the Colorado Secretary of State is no longer necessary since we are now a program of LFD.

Frank shared information on medical loan program. Lyons has a closet Walter Self Center

A board meeting will be scheduled prior to yearend.

Tosh plans to attend next Intermountain Alliance meeting and give update on LP efforts, accomplishments and goals

II. Accomplishments for 2017

1.            CPR Training for Board Members

2.            October 2017 Scenario

3.            Tosh presenting to BOCO Strong Resiliency Summit

4.            New Board members joined

5.            MURS radio program was expanced

6.            LARN was initiated

7.            Community Outreach was expanded: Media articles, Sandstone concerts

8.            LP participated in National Night Out

9.            LP Board was formed with officers

10.          Member guidelines were created

11.          The LP website was improved and expanded



III. Goals for 2018

1.            Prioritize recruiting in the following areas: Eagle Canyon, Confluence, X Bar 7, Lone Star

2.            Expand neighborhood outreach efforts and continue to network about LP

3.            Kits/Backpacks project

4.            Continue to identify funding sources

5.            Continue to apply for recognition awards

6.            More proactive outreach regarding preparedness. E.g. lightning strikes. Frank will take lead on

               this project.


7.            Sponsor a CPR/first aid training


8.            Members will complete required FEMA ICS training


9.            Plan 2018 scenario


There will be no meeting in December.

Next meeting is January 16, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.

Happy Holidays!


Respectfully submitted,


Sara Erickson





Meeting notes - Oct 17, 2017

posted Oct 23, 2017, 8:37 AM by Toshen Golias   [ updated Oct 23, 2017, 8:38 AM ]


17 Oct 2017

Members present:

Frank Adams Linda Vahrenkamp Emily Gubler

Ken Feldman Gayle Gordon Henri Begin

Bryan Roberts Joe Lampe

Aaron Caplan Jenni McDade

I. Introductions:

II. Announcements:


Next Meeting is Nov 14, 2017, at Fire Station 1, 6:30-8 PM

(Note this is the 2nd Tuesday of the month)

No meeting in December.

III. Discussion Items

  1. Next Scenario Planning

Tosh made a presentation on the scenario exercise we just had and put it on the website.

Have 1 person from Lyons Fire and a couple people from Lyons Prepared help create the next scenario.

Maybe it could be that we are a couple days into the event and focused on the communication aspect.  Give a message that is to be passed along a communication chain and see how well it gets passed.

We could try and incorporate FEMA online training.

Could we have some additional first aid or first responder training.

Could be something that has no communication in one or two areas, but not everywhere and how we could assist with communication relays.

B.   Walkie-Talkies

Read what was on the agenda. (I wanted to write that in, but see I didn’t bring an agenda home. If someone wants to add it.)

They could be of use at all POC’s so that the POC can be at their radio or doing one thing and they can hand off a walkie talkie to someone else who can go around communicating to neighbors.

C.  Credentials - No Update

D.  Central Location for Online Documents

We do have many public documents on our website.  

Lyons Prepared was setup so that each neighborhood handles contact information for their neighborhood and their is no central database or contact list.

Could we have dropbox or something set up so members can upload their files? photos of the scenario as an example

E.  Laminated Medical Response Documents

We do have wallet size laminated cards with some information.

Could we do something bigger to have in our kits with more information.

F.   Lyons Prepared Kits

Lyons Fire should know what we have in our kits, so they don’t have to ask if we have something or not.

Emily can add that information to the file that Lyons FIre already has for the Points of Contact.

G.  Other Groups like Lyons Prepared

If anyone was interested in attending meetings of other groups like Lyons Prepared, we might gain some useful ideas from them.

IV.  Annual Review - Lyons Prepared is 3 years old

We now have a formal steering committee with officers, documented requirements for becoming a Lyons Prepared member, a bank account and are a Colorado not for profit organization.

We are officially a part of Lyons Fire, have applied for a grant, and a FEMA award.

We have had some first aid training,  working on a preparedness kit, and progressed with our radio communication training with new larger antennas.

V.   Other Comments -

With talk of using our cell phones for GPS there is the concern of batteries for the phone.  Henri found a charger that uses (double or triple?) A batteries and so could fit in with the idea of making sure everything in our kits uses the same type of batteries.

Minutes submitted by Aaron Caplan

Meeting notes - Sep 19, 2017

posted Sep 21, 2017, 10:49 AM by Toshen Golias

Members present:

Keith Roussil Frank Adams Linda Vahrenkamp

Tosh Golias Ken Feldman

Sara Erickson Bryan Roberts Joe Lampe

Joycelyn Fankhouser Aaron Caplan Jenni McDade

I. Introductions: Joining the meeting was Henri Begin, Stone Canyon neighborhood.

II. Announcements:


Tosh will present on Lyons Prepared at BC Strong Conference at Boulder Jewish Community Center on Thursday, 9/28/17. This is an all day event on resiliency.

October meeting is 10/17/17

November meeting will be on 11/14/17. (one week ahead of usual schedule)

No meeting in December.

III. Discussion Items

A. Tosh gave maps of each neighborhoods for each POC. He will send a pdf to Ken.

IV. Scenario. Annual exercise is set for Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 9:00-11:30. Debriefing and lunch to follow. Emily has been writing scenario. More intense than last year.

A. Assignments

1. Keith and Sara at Lyons Valley Park.

2. Joe and Brian’s at Dakota Ridge. Brian may have to

relay to Jenni.

3. Jenni and Joycelyn at Upper Lyons Park Estates

4. Ken and David DeCoster at Longmont Dam Rd.

         Ken may also have to relay.

5. Frank at Apple Valley

6. Linda, Emily, Aaron and Tosh will be at fire station

B. Radio Use During Scenario: Tosh shared handouts on the radio training. There will be more information right before scenario starts. Tosh suggests we stay in Group 1. LP Command is Channel 1. To talk to other people in LP use channel 5.  2,3,4 are tactical channels. You may be instructed to switch to another tactical channel.

When talking on radio, state who you are calling and then

Identify yourself and your neighborhood. Wait to be acknowledged. Make message as brief as possible. Say break if you want to pause.  Have a notepad next to the radio and write everything down.

POC’s are listed on website. The list is mostly up-to-date.

Keith’s change of address is not yet listed.

V. Formal LP Membership Steering Committee Guidelines

Tosh shared written guidelines. We are an official civilian part of Lyons Fire District. Conducting ourselves professionally is essential. The document includes Expectations, Membership decision process and MURS radio qualification process. LP is about spreading calm and fact-based information dissemination. Radios are expensive and we still need POC’s in X-Bar 7 and Eagle Canyon who will need radios. Cheaper walkie-talkies are an options for communicating within neighborhoods.

VI. Budget and Kits. Keith gave out copies of budget including cost of kits, training scenario expenses, flyer printing and also possible revenue from LCF if we receive the grant. Tosh went through contents of sample kit. Line items for each item in the kit are listed in the budget handout. Cost will cost approximately $380.00 each. Waterproofing the kits were discussed. Map and contact lists will also go in bags and info regarding chain of command. Garmin GPS may be in bags. Phone GPS apps may be a better option for people who have smart phones. POC need to have same user interface. GPS Waypoints Navigator. (for Android phone).

VII.  Lessons From Irma and Harvey

There was a lot of internet communication during these events. Use of Zello. Lyons topography so different from Houston’s that cell phone use will be limited in the event of an weather emergency.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Fire Station No. 1

Respectfully submitted

Sara Erickson

Meeting Notes-August 15, 2017

posted Aug 20, 2017, 7:18 PM by Sara Erickson   [ updated Aug 20, 2017, 7:21 PM ]



Members present:

Keith Roussil Frank Adams Jenni McDade

Tosh Golias Emily Gubler Gayle Gordon

Sara Erickson Bryan Roberts Joe Lampe

I. Announcements:

1.  Article: Jenni wrote an informational article regarding Lyons Prepared for the

Lyons Recorder to be published shortly. A group photo of members present was taken for the article.

            2.  New Designation for LP. Tosh reported on a meeting he and Emily had with Chief Hoffman. Great News! The Chief has decided to designate Lyons Prepared as a program of the Lyons Fire District. The Chief requested that we prepare a budget to submit to him. We will probably include printing costs and possibly the costs of the kits. Once it is official that LP is part of LFD, an article should be submitted to the media.

3.   Grants. Due LP inclusion in the Lyons Fire District, we can more easily apply for

grants with the Fire District as our sponsor. USgrants.org lists grants nationwide that are available. A member should review to see which grants would be appropriate for our group. We can now apply for Lyons Community Foundation grant, which is due in September.

II. Discussion Items:

  1. New Members. Guidelines for new members are coming. There will be a 4 month trial

period for any one who joins the steering committee. Guidelines include: Members need to come to at least half the meetings, have a calm demeanor during an emergency, participation in LP events such as scenario training.

  1. National Night Out was last Tuesday and Tosh represented LP. Turn-out was good.

Tosh met with a few people who expressed interest and invited them to come to a steering committee meeting. Tosh passed out eclipse glasses to people to came up to the table.

     3. Maps/Kits. Tosh is working on the maps for the kits. Tosh is adding lat/long/elevation for helicopter landing sites.

  1. GPS devices for kits: We are looking for recommendations for handheld

           GPS devices. The chief prefers these over cell phones. We need to discuss options for

           Ffnding appropriate “go” bags. Keith suggested dry bags like they sell at REI. Chief had

suggested military type go bags that pouches could be attached to if needed.

b .   Suggestions for contents of go bags should included: fire department contact list, steering committee contact list, incident command tree, first aid, CPR face masks, guidelines for purifying water, gloves, vest, house sign.  

Action item: Joe will research go bags: size,and the cost per bag. Probably the size of a school backpack is appropriate. He will look into dry bags.

4.   MERN (Mountain Emergency Radio Network): Keith shared MERN info. MERN received funding through BCAREs to purchase repeaters in Nederland, Allenspark and Gold HIll, The repeater in Allenspark was moved 4-5 months ago and now Lyons ham radios can connect, and we can now communicate with MERN operators in Allens Park and through them, Ned and Gold Hill.

5 Scenario: Dates for Scenario: Sat October 14, either from 8:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

6. BOCOStrong: 9/28 at 2:00; Emily or Tosh will be presenting re Lyons Prepared to BoCO Strong.

7. Wildfire Partners. Last week Frank’s home was certified by Wildfire Partners. He recemmends as a good organization for homes in areas prone to wildfires. Frank suggested that LP should share that this service is available. (wildfire.www.partners.org) No charge to conduct an audit. They offer rebates up to $800 of cost of fire mitigation to home/property.

8. Joe Lampe. Joe lives in Stone Canyon and plans to join the Steering Committee as the Stone Canyon rep. Welcome back, Joe.

Action Item: Tosh to add Joe to LP Steering committee email list.

9.  Sandstone Concerts: Sara will set a table at Sandstone Concerts. Tosh will drop off materials at her house.

Next Meeting

September 19, 2017

6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Fire Station No. 1

Meeting notes - July 18, 2017

posted Jul 20, 2017, 8:02 AM by Sara Erickson   [ updated Jul 20, 2017, 8:18 AM ]


  1. Tosh: Secretary position

  2. Tosh: Talk about the very visible (front top page Lyons Recorder) installation of water rescue stations installed in Pinewood Springs

  3. Update on Foothills United Way grant

  4. Emily: Training scenario date: October 14

  5. Emily: Kits

  6. Emily: ID cards

Next meeting: Tue, Aug 15, 2017, Fire Station 1, 6:30p - 8p   

Upcoming meetings:

  • Tue, Sep 19, Fire Station 1, 6:30p - 8p

  • Tue, Oct 17, Fire Station 1, 6:30p - 8p



Emily, Joycelyn, Keith, Aaron, Jenni, Linda, Sara, Brian, Tosh

Action items

Outstanding action items from previous meetings:

[  ] Emily - Print out identify areas where helicopters can land

[ x ] Emily - Set a date for the training scenario


New actions items from current meeting:

[  ] Jenni - Article for paper: We got our not for profit status with the state of Colorado.


  • Sara has accepted the position of Secretary for LP.


  • Water Rescue Stations:

    • Tosh shared an article in Lyons Recorder about Pine Wood Springs Water Rescue Stations.

    • A similar project for LP would benefit St. Vrain river safety and provide visibility for LP.

  • Sandstone Concerts Outreach Table:

    • Joycelyn will sit at the table at this week’s Sandstone Concerts.

    • She will try to make an announcement from the stage.

  • Grants:

    • Joycelyn shared update on Foothills United Way grant application. The announcement date for the award won’t be until around December.

    • Town of Lyons Goodwill Grant: Emily shared it is open and the deadline has been extended. A 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship is required.

  • Forming as a 501(c)(3):

    • The Fire District declined to act as fiscal sponsor for LP.

    • Keith shared that Bank of the West fees are too excessive. Then he went to Elevations in Credit Union. They could not find LP on the Colorado Secretary of State website; Joycelyn stated that it should be there. Elevations requires a 501(c)(3) status for a free checking account.

    • Keith suggested that we we take the steps required to become a 501(c)(3). Lyons Volunteers is one and Rebecca Louzan might be someone to consult regarding forming a 501(c)(3).

    • For 501(c)(3): Bylaws, officers and address are required. Lyons Fire District address can be used.

    • ACTION ITEM: Keith will research starting a 501(c)(3).

    • Joycelyn will send Keith the bylaws of the Lyons Garden Club.

    • Need to define membership, i.e. who has a vote. Emily thinks people who are points of contact should be voting members.

    • Need clear rules on how someone becomes a steering committee member and how someone leaves the steering committee.

  • High Water Initiative:

    • Aaron shared that the town is working on the issue.

    • A 4-year anniversary event will have columnar high water makers that will be placed in Meadow Park, Bohn Park and maybe Town Hall.

  • Kits:

    • LP scenario will be held October 14th.

    • Emily would like to have the kits ready by then.

    • Medical items in kits: gloves and CPR masks, BP cuff, stethoscope, spot, tourniquets, trauma sheets, basic gauze (4x4s), medical tape.

    • Other items in kits: bright container, flashlight, batteries, glow sticks, GPS, maps, org chart for Lyons Fire, contact names and info for Lyons Fire.

    • Gloves and CPR masks have already been donated.

    • Key items:  org chart, maps and contact names of Lyons Fire.

    • X-motion-gps maps or similar should be in kits and backup chargers should be part of kits.

    • By September 19th we will have the gloves and masks, maps, org chart and contact names.

    • Tosh and Aaron recommend that members take the FEMA ICS online training prior to the scenario. Link to the training: http://training.FEMA.gov/IS/courseoverview.aspx?code=IS-100.b

  • Lyons Fire/Lyons Prepared Training Scenario:

    • Is set for October 14, 2017.

    • There will be 5 neighborhoods participating: Longmont Dam Rd, LVP, Lyons Park Estates, Dakota Ridge and Apple Valley.

    • Participants will have ID cards with photo and qualifications listed on cards.

  • Sign-Ups for info on LP:

    • Jenny shared information on people who are interested in LP who filled out sign up sheets at the Sandstone Concerts.

    • She will send the names to Tosh who will send the names to the POC’s.

  • Newspaper article:

    • Jenny will prep a newspaper article to recruit volunteers to receive emergency info and share emergency info.

    • Three biggest unfilled POC’s are: X-Bar 7, Stone Canyon and Eagle Canyon.

    • Keeping LP visible is something we should continue to do. 



Meeting notes - Jun 20, 2017

posted Jun 25, 2017, 5:20 PM by Toshen Golias


  1. A quick presentation from Makenzie Boli about the City of Boulder’s resilient together project.

  2. Lyons Prepared leadership changes.

  3. Briefly discuss snow event.

  4. FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness award application.

  5. Discuss the John D. Solomon Whole Community Preparedness Award as an inspiration for our outreach activities.

  6. Keith: update on the Stone Canyon neighborhood.


Agenda items from canceled May meeting:

  • ID cards - Emily has confirmed that all Lyons Prepared members are going to get state ID cards (and they will be free to us). We'll need to provide a copy of our drivers licenses and have our photo taken.

    • Emily - Will email the group to schedule taking the photos.

    • Everyone - In addition, we should all provide a list of related qualifications.

  • Resiliency Grant - Joycelyn has suggested we discuss applying for a United Way Resiliency Grant. She thinks we'd have a good chance of receiving one of these "community friendly" grants.

  • Nonprofit application - Discuss whether we can figure out how to move the application forward.

  • Neighborhood preparedness kits - Figure out what items should be in them, prioritize these items, and start assembling the kits. Some ideas from Emily: Digital map, flashlight and batteries, GPS, small first aid kit, list of contact names, phone numbers, radio call signs of Lyons Fire people, organization chart, how-to sheets for radios and other things, glow sticks.

  • Training scenario - Begin organizing this year's training scenario, which will happen sometime in the Fall.

  • Community awareness raising - Do we want to plan to have a table at any upcoming events (where we could use our fantastic new banner)?

    • Everyone - Is anyone inspired to write an article for the newspapers? Other ideas?


Next meeting: Tue, Jul 18, 2017, Fire Station 1, 6:30p - 8p   

Upcoming meetings:

  • Tue, Aug 15, Fire Station 1, 6:30p - 8p

  • Tue, Sep 19, Fire Station 1, 6:30p - 8p



Emily, Joycelyn, Keith, Aaron, Jenni, Linda, Frank, Gayle, Johanna, Tosh

Action items

Outstanding action items from previous meetings:

[  ] Emily - Print out identify areas where helicopters can land

[ x ] Joycelyn - Talk to area 11. Didn’t work out.

We had CPR/First Aid training. Get together with Emily to talk about this.

[ x ] Aaron - Look into nonprofit application

[ x ] Tosh - Assist Aaron on nonprofit application as needed


New actions items from current meeting:

[  ] Emily - Get a thank you card for Keith

[  ] Emily - Set a date for the training scenario

[  ] Jenni - Article for paper: We got our not for profit status with the state of Colorado.

[  ] Name - Action



  • Makenzie Boli about the City of Boulde’sr resilient together presented about Resilient Together. More information: http://www.resilienttogether.org/.

  • Lyons Prepared leadership changes.

    • Joycelyn is too busy, so she’s going to step down as co-chair, but still will participate as a neighborhood rep.

    • Tosh will step up as co-chair with Emily.

    • So we need a secretary. That’s open.

  • Aaron was successful in getting us our not-for-profit status with the state of Colorado. Thank you to Joycelyn for starting it and to Aaron for finishing it!

    • We can accept donations or grants up to 25,000 per year, as long as the donor or grantee doesn’t require 501(c)(3).

    • Donations to us aren’t tax deductible.

    • We have an responsibility to file an annual report, which will be the responsibility of Keith as our treasurer.

  • Keith: update on Stone Canyon.

    • Joe and Jill Lampe have volunteered to be the neighborhood point of contact. And they’re willing to attend meetings.

    • There’s also a ham radio operator who lives further up the canyon and is connected into BARC and is willing to help out.

    • Keith is moving into Town north, on 2nd Ave. Has easy access to Fire Station 1.

  • Snow event: Why didn’t we activate Lyons Prepared? 911 was functional, could drive in and out, still had cell service. Lyons Prepared can NOT create emergencies when there’s not one.

  • Sara completed and submitted our application for the FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness award. Thank you, Sara!

  • The John D. Solomon Whole Community Preparedness Award is named for the late creator of the groundbreaking blog, In Case of Emergency, Read Blog: A Citizen’s Eye View of Public Preparedness, http://incaseofemergencyblog.com/.

    • Mr. Solomon’s work was striking in its reporting, analysis, engagement, and impact in preparing the public, informing professionals, and bringing about change in both the public and private sectors. Mr. Solomon organized conferences, proposed legislation, posted interviews, evaluated how government and nongovernmental organizations were using social media tools, promoted others’ initiatives to policy makers, organized contests to foster citizen preparedness, and interviewed emergency management leaders.

  • BOCO Strong has asked Lyons Prepared to do a presentation at their Resiliency summit in September and to be on a panel discussion.

  • The ID cards projected has been postponed for a month, but it will happen.

  • Foothills United Way has resiliency grants. Grants are usually around $1500. Could be something like we want to use it for things like communications items, neighborhood kits.

    • Joycelyn will start working on the grants. Gayle and Jenni will assist.

  • Keith Ryen, who attended the first aid/CPR training with us, donated CPR masks and gloves to us for use.

  • Training scenario - Begin organizing this year's training scenario, which will happen sometime in the Fall. Some ideas from Emily:

    • Different (possibly more) Lyons Fire people involved.

    • Have the scenario happen in different and possibly more Lyons Prepared neighborhoods this year.

    • Have some Lyons Prepared people at the fire station as observers, possibly the people who experienced the scenario in their own neighborhood last year (Linda, Aaron, Tosh).

    • Joycelyn is willing to help Emily create the scenario.

  • We should all do the FEMA ICS basic training: https://training.fema.gov/is/courseoverview.aspx?code=IS-100.b

  • Community awareness. Do we want to commit to any outreach awareness events?

    • If people sign up, we have to get there names to the neighborhood POC.

    • National night out in early August. Tosh, Joycelyn are willing to help with that.

    • Sandstone concerts. Jenni is willing to do one.

    • Gayle and Ken have the banner.

    • Tosh has water packets.

    • Emily has flyers.

Meeting notes - Apr 18, 2017

posted May 1, 2017, 11:42 AM by Toshen Golias

Agenda (and discussion) 

  1. Go through outstanding action items from previous meeting.

  2. Emily: Reminder about CPR/First Aid class, May 21, 9a - 5p, Lyons Station 2

  3. Carry forward from previous meeting: Discuss what we want to do about the nonprofit app.

Aaron is willing to do some research to see what we need. He will contact Joycelyn. May be the difference between not-for-profit and nonprofit.

  1. Keith: Eagle Ridge neighborhood. Dayton Jones (Eagle Ridge) like to be involved with LP but our meetings conflict with his ham club meeting nights. He is enthusiastic about helping in any way he can and will be monitoring the MURS channels as well as 146.460 in an emergency. He has an excellent location for radio transmission and relay. Candidate for MURS handheld?

  2. Tosh: Lyons Fire Fund fiscal sponsorship. Emailed LFF a couple weeks ago with a suggestion and question about using a simple agreement since this will be a small issue (probably only one or two grants and a handful of donations per year). Received no reply, so a couple days ago, I emailed a draft agreement. No reply yet.

  3. Joanna: Discuss new member recruitment procedure.

The most important thing is to find people who want to be involved with Lyons Prepared. The radios are secondary.

  1. Joanna: Set up radio testing in the Beech Hill Valley, Buster Ranch and Sunship, Lonestar, and X Bar 7 and Blue Mountain Trail neighborhoods so we know where to recruit. See previous point.

  2. Discuss how we want to deal with financials. Wait until needed.

  3. Aaron: High-water mark project. Aaron is still keeping an eye on this. The town staff is still working on it.

Next meeting: Tue, May 16, 2017, Fire Station #1, 6:30p - 8p   

Upcoming meetings:

  • Tue, Jun 20, Fire Station 2, 6:30p - 8p

  • Tue, Jul 18, Fire Station #1, 6:30p - 8p



Emily, Linda, Johanna, Aaron, Gayle, Tosh, Bryan

Action items

Outstanding action items from previous meetings:

[ x ] Emily - Send CPR email to Johanna and Neil, neil@stvrainmarket.com

[ x ] Tosh - Make an LP sign for Ken & Gayle

[ x ] Tosh - Add Neil to list

[ ^ ] Emily - Print out identify areas where helicopters can land

[  ] Joycelyn - Talk to area 11

[ x ] Keith - Will talk to Dayton on Eagle Ridge

[ ^ ] Emily - Article for paper

New actions items from current meeting:

[  ] Aaron - Look into nonprofit application

[  ] Tosh - Assist Aaron on nonprofit application as needed

Meeting notes - Mar 21, 2017

posted Mar 22, 2017, 8:27 AM by Toshen Golias


  1. CPR and First Aid poll and details

  2. Lyons Siren test, Mon, Apr 3, 7p

  3. ID cards

  4. Staging areas

Next meeting: Tue, Apr 18, 2017, Fire Station #1, 6:30p - 8p   

Upcoming meetings:

  • Tue, May 16, Fire Station #1, 6:30p - 8p

  • Tue, Jun 20, Fire Station #1, 6:30p - 8p



Neil Sullivan, Frank, Bryan, Jenni, Ken, Johanna, Linda, Emily, Sara, Tosh, Keit

Action items

New actions items from current meeting:

[  ] Emily - Send CPR email to Johanna and Neil, neil@stvrainmarket.com

[  ] Tosh - Make an LP sign for Ken & Gayle

[  ] Tosh - Add Neil to list

[  ] Emily - Print out identify areas where helicopters can land

[  ] Tosh - Email Chief to ask for Lyons Fire Fund contact to talk with about fiscal sponsor relationship/

Carryforward action items from previous meetings:

[  ] Joycelyn - Get the nonprofit application finalized - Will talk about this next meeting. There are a few of us who would like to keep trying to get this.

[  ] Johanna - Contacted Little Thompson Road Assoc - Contacted Keith Spencer and Don Hagan. Keith said he’d send an email out. Johanna will follow up.

[  ] Joycelyn - Will talk to area 11

[  ] Keith - Will talk to Dayton on Eagle Ridge

[  ] Emily - Article for paper


Sara talked to Neil in Eagle Canyon

Neil is here. Welcome, Neil!

Sara wrote articles for Lyons Happenings and Lyons Email blast. Ariel ran the email blast. Thanks, Sara!

Emily gave Tosh contacts for Lyons Fire Fund and he emailed them, but received no reply. Tosh will next email the Chief and ask for other contacts.

CPR and First Aid poll and details - Everyone should submit the doodle poll by Apr 2nd picking the dates that work.

Lyons Siren Test, Mon, Apr 3, 7p. People can either call Tosh on MURS 5 or email him at toshen@toshen.com

ID cards - Lyons Fire is getting state issued ID cards. Chief wants to know if LP should get those cards. Or we might get neighborhood Lyons Prepared Member cards.

Staging areas - Emily has invited the chief and asst chief to come to one of our meetings to talk to us about what they mean about by staging areas and how we should define them.

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