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Lyons Prepared Board Meeting (via Zoom) 8/20/20

posted Aug 28, 2020, 7:01 PM by Sara Erickson

Lyons Prepared

Minutes 8/18/20

Via Zoom

Members Present: Linda Vahrenkamp, Joe Lampe, Gayle Gordon, Ken Feldman, Sara Erickson, Kristen Johnson, Keith Rousil, Mimi Weston, Jenni McDade, Penny Hobert, Linda Brome, Smita Skrivanek, John Tuley, Stephen Kane, Laurie Miller, Shannon Davis, Interim Fire Chief Steven Pischke

  1. Administrative duties formerly held by Tosh Golias are reassigned as


  1. Joe Lampe will maintain website, email group, and Google drive. Smita Skrivanek  and John Tuley will provide assistance. Joe will contact Tosh for details regarding transition.

  1. Kristen Johnson will assume task of taking over paperwork e.g. she will maintain paperwork for assignment of radios.

  1. Laurie Miller will assume task of maintaining and updating the multilayered neighborhood maps.

  1. Jenni McDade and her husband will maintain radios. Their backups will be Mimi Weston and Joe Lampe.

  1. Jenni McDade will conduct radio tests 

  1. The domain name is paid for until 2030. Discussion of moving to a new Google site.

II.    Continuation of assignments 

  1. Linda  Vahrenkamp will continue to maintain contacts list.

  1. Sara Erickson will continue to take meeting minutes 

  1. Keith Rousil will continue as Treasurer

  III.  New Chair

  1. Kristen Johnson is willing to co-chair with another member.

  1. Joe Lampe is willing to co-chair.

  1. Joe suggested that we check with the Chief regarding the process for selecting a new chair, e.g. do they have to be nominated and then voted in? Joe will check with the Chief.

IV.    Preparedness Fair

  1. Jenni McDade has items from the previous fair and will deliver them to Gayle Gordon and Ken Feldman for storage.

V.     Radios/Backpacks

  1. Smita Skrivanek a backpack from Tosh.

  1. Stephen Kane has received a radio and backpack.

  1. Keith Rousil does not have a backpack, but feels that he does not need one, given his proximity to the fire station

VI. Fiduciary responsibility for LP

  1. Keith keeps track of LP’s financials and sends reports to Liz with the fire department.

  1.  Fiduciary responsibility for LP is with the fire department foundation. 

VII.  Use of Slack as a communications device 

  1. Joe Lampe suggested Slack because it has the ability to categorize communications. Slack can integrate to email, texts, phones. Slack is free for non-profits. 

  1. John Tuley advised that Slack has a limit of 10k messages. 

  1. Joe will investigate and set up invites for a trial.

VIII.  Discussion with Interim Chief Pinschke

  1. Chief asked member for ideas regarding improved notifications for evacuation orders

  1. Ideas suggested were town email blasts, Facebook and posting on Lyonsfire.org

IX.    Next Meeting

  1. Send proposed agenda items to Kristen and Joe

  2. Next meeting will be Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom

Respectfully submitted,

Sara Erickson

Lyons Prepared Meeting Minutes - May 19, 2020

posted May 21, 2020, 1:28 PM by Toshen   [ updated May 21, 2020, 1:29 PM ]

Zoom (virtual) session

Attendees: Tosh, Gayle+Ken, Jenni, Aaron, Keith, Stephen, Linda V., John+Kristin, Shannon, Linda B., Jocelyn, Joe

Initial meeting agenda:

  1. Check in with everyone. 

    1. Tosh checked in with everyone. All doing well, for the most part - some working from home, taking care of/schooling kids, home projects, walks in and around property, etc. Feeling blessed.  Some things of note:

    2. Jenni’s daughter graduating from CSU with top honors

    3. Aaron – Town trustees talking about handing operation of Lyons sewage plant over to the Longmont facility.

  2. Plans for the rest of the year: 

    1. Emergency Preparedness Fair – Tosh felt it should be cancelled and wait till next year - all agreed. 

    2. National Night Out: cancelled – Sergeant Chris decided to cancel for safety.

    3. Disaster Scenario: would be challenging to do social distancing (SD). Cancelled.

    4. First Aid Training: Cancelled.

    5. Radio practice: All in favor of doing this in summer. Easier to do SD when it’s not freezing outside. Since we’re meeting every other month – Ken suggested we skip a  month and do it July 21 in lieu of our next meeting – all agreed.

  3. What Aaron learned during the power outage: 

    1. Chief put everyone on standby in case the situation became critical. Luckily the outage didn’t last very long and everyone had power back on by 10 AM.

    2. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the chief talking about contingency plans - once things start to open up again, make sure people are thinking about how they’ll deal with SD and other concerns.

    3. There was a bit of miscommunication re the plan - EOC had a plan in place to transport the vulnerable to hotel rooms, etc. - this will be communicated better.

  4. Joycelyn’s experience preparing to meet the needs generated by the pandemic

    1. EOC activated in early March, ahead of much of the state and so were in a good position to deal with things as they developed. They set up POCs in Nederland, Longmont, Boulder, etc. monitoring food banks, child care facilities, etc. 

    2.  Set up homeless shelters providing room and board in hotels for the most vulnerable. Shelters are still running. 

    3. Screening, providing PPE to medical staff, ahead of the curve on these things. 

    4. Jenni felt ill last week and got tested at King Soopers and tested negative. Called her doctor who told her to go to the ER. They didn’t know about the test sites. Tosh asked her to email the group the info. 

    5. Kristin will email out a website link to Channel 9 News (Denver) and Channel 2 for the latest updates and local news about covid.

  1. Tosh informed everyone of the need for interested individuals for the Lyons Fire Fund: This nonprofit needs board members. A relatively easy board (meets appx. once per quarter), but very important to the fire district, and some donations and grants must go to a 501(c)(3). It's also fun because you get to make decisions about funding some good projects.


1/21/20-Lyons Prepared Board Meeting

posted Jan 27, 2020, 12:10 PM by Sara Erickson   [ updated Jan 27, 2020, 12:11 PM ]

Lyons Prepared Minutes 1/21/20

Lyons Fire Station

Members present: Tosh Golias, Jenny McDade, Jocelyn Fankhouser, Sara Erickson,

Linda Brome, Ben Herr, Linda Vahrenkamp, Kristin Westhoff, Stephen Kane, Ken Feldman, Joe Lampe, Bryan Roberts, Gayle Gordon

I. Report on Larimer VOAD 

A. Tosh reported Larimer County VOAD (Volunteer Organization Aiding

Disasters). Boulder County also has a VOAD. VOADs consist of a number of

organizations that provide aid during disasters. Many are church affiliated.

Organizations such asRed Cross and Salvation Army are VOAD members. 

Advantage of VOADs in a disaster is that they are pre-vetted and meet credentialing

Standards. Most VOADS have quarterly meetings and have a distribution list.

II. Podcast-The Big One

A. Podcast touched on preparedness for any emergency. Items such as shoes and clothes near bed, paper map, keep phone charged, keep car gassed, print a list of phone contacts.

B. Kristen will put a link to the podcast on LP website.

III. Preparedness Fair

A.  9/19/20 is the best date for Chief Hoffman.

B. Could Fair be paired with another event to increase attendance?

C. Pillow project, fire extinguishers check/demo  and CPR demos were

                 Successful  last year-repeat this year.

D. Look into using simulated house used by Frederick FD

E. Involve a group like Greenwood Animal Rescue or Human Society  to increase

    Interest of children. Nationwide Insurance has a poster on pet preparedness.

F.  Preparedness subcommittee will meet at Gayle’s home at 6:30 p.m. on 


IV. Scenario

A. Ben and Mimi are preparing the scenario this year. 

B. Tentative date is 1010/20

            C. Ben expects to have more information to share  in mid February to early March.

V. National Night Out

   A.  Set for 8/4/20  

  B. Tosh, Gayle and Ken will represent LP (and bring cupcakes)

VI. Topics for Future Meetings

A. Review of kits. Members should bring kits to next meeting.

B. Table top activity. John should reach out to Jocelyn for info

on possible activities.

C. Map/Compass training-Ben. Gayle will bring Boulder County maps

D. Overview of EOC-Jocelyn

VII.    Grant Applications

A. Gayle is looking at grants available for volunteer/rural fire departments.

B. Ken will look into grant from Ball Aerospace

C. Apply this year for LCF grant

      D. Apply for FEMA/Homeland Security grants

VII.    Other Topics

A. Spring bus tour of neighborhoods-Ken will take lead

B. Float for Holiday parade-Sara will take lead

Next Meeting: 3/17/20-6:30 p.m. at Fire Station

Respectfully submitted,

Sara Erickson



posted Nov 19, 2019, 5:39 PM by Sara Erickson




Members Present: Jenni McDade, Aaron Caplan, Keith Rousil, Linda, Gayle, Tosh Golias, Brian Roberts, Linda Vahrencamp, John Tuley, Penny Hobert, Linda Brome Kristin Westhoff, Joycelyn Fankhouser, 


  •    Vendors who will be present: bcares, Red Cross, Larimer

     Connects, First Aid table in coordination with LUH, LFD, Horses

     Forever, LP,  Team Rubicon, Pye Barker

  •      Keith will supervise nursing students at the emergency demo table.

  •      There will be an area to check fire extinguishers and bring in dead extinguishers.

  •       Set up is at 8:30

  •      Members should send out reminders to their neighborhoods. Gayle will send flyer to members.

  •       Jenni obtained gift cards from ACE, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Oscar Blues

  •       The Chief will take any extra prizes and donate them as needed.

  •      Lisa with Lyons Recreations wants to leave her Vulnerable Persons List. The Board decided that it is not appropriate for LP to have Responsibility for this list. If Lisa wants to leave a brochure, we can have on a table, but no lists.

  • Pillowcase activity-Jocelyn will get info from Red Cross.

II. Emergency Scenario-Aaron Caplan

  •  Scenario will be held on 10/5/19 at 9:00 a.m.

  •      Assignments:

     -Fire Station: Joe, Keith and Ken

              -Sara’s:  Ben and Mimi

     -Jenni’s: Kristen and Tosh

     -Linda Brome’s: Gayle and Penny

               -Aaron may host Laurie

  • Aaron will send out the email with the plan the day before. 

  • We will plan a tabletop exercise after the event to work on

     areas that need practice, i.e a flood, fire or other emergency.

  • Next year scenario: Victoria is interested in having the town


III. Feedback Regarding Fire on Blue Mountain-Tosh

  •  Tosh shared that Ben was concerned because he did not know how to give his neighbors info in LP. We will discuss at next meeting that Ben is able to attend.

  • Members can also scan BCFD on their radio channels. BC and Larimer County dispatch APP broadcastify. John will share link,

  • BC twitter feed is also a good source in up-to-date emergency information.

  • Tosh also suggested each member create an email communication list for their neighborhood.

  • For more rural neighborhoods: Tosh will provide an LP sign so neighbors could come to the house and they could radio the FD.

IV. VOAD-Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster- Joycelyn

  • BC VOAD was formed after the flood. Other orgs (e.g. Red Cross, Team Rubicon, Salvation Army) have reps on VOAD. They have 1-2 meetings a year. Joycenlyn invited interested members to attend VOAD meeting on 9/24/19 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. at Boulder Presbyterian Church, 3262 No. 61st. Kristin and Tosh will attend.

V. Other

  • FEMA 400 classes will be offered in Boulder for free and will be held sometime in October. Joycelyn will provide info to those members interested.

  • Linda V. updated email list.  Please let her know of any changes.

  • CPR training class will be held for members who want to participate-Mimi will arrange, date to be set.

  • LP ID badges. Some members will need them. Kristin will send out email with information needed for badge.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sara Erickson

Lyons Prepared Minutes 3/19/19

posted Nov 19, 2019, 5:05 PM by Sara Erickson

Lyons Prepared

Minutes 3/19/19

Lyons Fire Station

Members Present: Aaron Caplan, Linda Vahrenkamp, Tosh Golias; Joe Lampe, Gayle Gordon, Ken Feldman, Kristen Johnson, Mimi Wesson, John Tuley, Brian Roberts, Jack Jostes, Jenni McDade

Guests: Pennie Hobart (Grey Mt area), Linda Brohm (Blue Mt area)

Emergency Kits

Plan is to get in touch with Keith to get the kits put together. Waiting on some parts to come in. Plan is to have a party to put packs together. 

Discussed new member requirements

Tosh discussed the required elements that have to be completed prior to becoming a member of the group. This includes completing the FEMA ICS 100 training, scenario events, a 6-month probationary period and attending at least 3 meetings per year.  Meeting occur every other month. Tosh passed out maps which showed the neighborhood areas within the Lyons fire district and a second map with the X-Bar/Blue Mountain area with the potential helicopter landing areas. 

Mimi: Update on CPR/AED/first aid training. 

Ten people attended the training held on March 2nd. Participants agreed that the training was very beneficial and the trainer Ann Reid did not excellent job. Group members that are interested in competing this training can contact Ann directly. This training is also available through Longmont United Hospital. Both the Red Cross and American Heart Association offer trainings. May ask Ann to do another training for the group. 

Aaron: Scenario training update. The purpose of the training was presented to the group – a disaster has happened, communications are impaired, the group get activated to practice communicating with each other and the ICS team. Actors may be sent to homes to interact with Prepared members to practice dealing with a variety of situations. Aaron posed questions to the group on how to proceed with developing the scenario. Will other people volunteer? He and Tosh will discuss options prior to approaching the chief with the plan. 

Gayle: Update on Emergency preparedness fair

The tentative date for the fair is September 21st. Gayle provided an overview of what was done at the fair the previous year. Goal of the fair is to have people better prepared. Discussion on whether to also participate in National Night out. Aaron volunteered to talk to the school about getting information out to families through the school. Possibly can advertise as part of the fire week at school. Tosh will talk with the chief about this. Discussed the need to get sponsors.

Tosh recommended that the tables be closer together (more compact) compared to last year where they were spread over two of the bays. It would be useful to have a big map so people can see the different neighborhoods and get contact information for their Lyons Prepared volunteer at the fair. Discussed what activities occurred last year – demonstrations, giveaways and agencies that were involved. Who do we want to involve this year? 

Jack recommended that we get the committee together to brainstorm on who to solicit money from to pay for the event and group needs. Discussion on what is the goal of the video is - which he volunteered to produce. Who will be the spokesperson for the video? Can use stock pictures of the flood to encourage interest in the program. What is the goal: want to promote people to get better prepared for an emergency? John stated that maybe the goal is help facilitate people coming together and to help each other in an emergency situation. Jack stated that we could do Facebook ads for the entire Lyons fire department area to generate income, but there are costs involved. What are the costs associated with the video? Would need to purchase ads on Facebook. Discussed outreach that was conducted last year to get prizes and goods from retailers. Gayle will lead group to further brainstorm options and plans for the fair. 

Discussed that the Prepared group does not have a centralized system for outreach. A lot of information is on the website.  The Spring Creek neighborhood under Linda’s guidance has an extensive educational outreach program and literature for each new resident. They started their program in 1999 for Y2K concerns. There are 120 homes in this area and it is broken down into smaller subgroups of 10 or so to deal with private emergency information needs.

 Ken: Organize recruiting for neighborhoods that don’t have a point of contact. 

Plan is to put information on the group in coffee shops; Lyons Happenings on Facebook is also a good resource for information on the community. Outreach during National night out is another option. Apple Valley, Eagle Canyon and Eagle Ridge were identified as areas that need a group volunteer. 

Ken: Group Tour of fire district

Ken’s new neighbor has a party bus business that could take a group for a tour of the district. Will send out an email with follow up on dates. 

Tosh: Still working on the website. It would be good to have Spanish versions of key preparedness information that we post on our website and distribute at events. 

Linda: has the list of all contact information for the group members

Radio Test on February 19, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

The radio test showed that the group has good connectivity between each other, with some relaying required to get information in the Blue Mountain, X-Bar 7, Sunship and Rabbit Mountain area.  


Next meeting: May 21st. Radio test in April?

11/12/19 Lyons Prepared Meeting Minutes

posted Nov 19, 2019, 5:00 PM by Sara Erickson



Lyons Prepared Meeting Minutes

Lyons Fire Station No. 1

Members present: Linda Vahrenkamp, Ben Herr, Mimi Weston, KristenJohnson, John Tuley, Linda Brome, Brian Roberts, Aaron Caplan, Joe Lampe, Tosh Golias, Jenni McDade, Sara Erickson. 

I. Reflections on Accomplishments in 2019

  1. Smita Skrivanek of StageCoach Mountain Trail was present as a potential member.

B. 2019 Accomplishments: National Night Out, First aid trainings, Scenario, Preparedness Fair, Radio Trainings, increased size of membership.

C. Several members requested an advanced training on using the contents of the kits. REI has a wilderness first aid training course, but the cost is $250.00. We can probably find a professional to conduct a training for the members. Keith could do a mini training each meeting on the contents and use of the kits. Mimi will contact REI as to whether they would provide a training to volunteers at a reduced cost.

D. Increasing LP visibility in the town. We still need representatives from Eagle Canyon, Confluence and Apple Valley. Aaron agreed to represent LP to the town.

II. Scenario Recap-Aaron Caplan

A. Aaron described the scenario and the lessons learned. How involved should LP be

 during a disaster? How much LP involvement would there be after an event? We need more training ahead of time (e.g. radio drills, knowing the contents of the kits) to help us to better respond to a disaster. We could possibly involve the town personnel in the next scenario.

B. Joe suggested the members view the Frontline Program on the Camp Fire in California.

C. Regarding fire mitigation: Kristin suggested that neighbors need to work together to clear their properties of fire hazards.

D. Smita described a program of fire adaptive communities. Boulder County has WildFire Partners. There is not a similar program for properties in Larimer County. Chief Hoffman is a good ambassador regarding fire mitigation and he will talk to groups/road association meetings. Lyons Fire Protection District will provide mitigation advice/information to homeowners. 

III. New Roles, Responsibilities and Projects for 2020.

Minutes: Sara will continue taking minutes. 

Preparedness Fair: Kristin, Linda B. Jenni and Sara will plan the Preparedness Fair. 

Scenario: Mimi and Ben will work on the scenario with assistance from Smita, Aaron and Tosh. Details from previous scenarios are posted on the LP website. Aaron can represent the LP scenario plans to the town, but the Chief would have to have input before LP approaches the town about the scenario.

National Night Out-Joe will represent LP at the event which will be held in August.

Assumption of Chair Responsibilities: Kristin can co-chair with Tosh. Joe may be interested in the future, but not at this time.

IV. Table Top Exercise for next year

A. John-Possibly hold a table top exercise similar to a scenario, but have it at a regular meeting. Jocelyn and John will talk about what the exercise will look like and make a presentation at the next meeting.

V. Blue Mountain Fire-Lessons Learned

During the Blue Mountain fire, Ben contacted his neighbors by using his ATV.  Ben did not have information to share with neighbors about the response to the fire. He did not know what to tell neighbors what to do. Ben suggested that LP members have a liaison with Fire Department who they could call to provide information to LP members who  can then report to their neighbors. Ben will summarize his ideas and he and Tosh can meet with the Chief.

Members are reminded to recharge batteries in kits.

Next Meeting: 1/21/2020

LP Steering Committee Minutes, 7/16/19

posted Jul 19, 2019, 1:52 PM by Sara Erickson

Lyons Prepared

Minutes 7/16//19

Lyons Fire Station


Members Present: Aaron Caplan, Linda Vahrenkamp, Tosh Golias; Joe Lampe, Gayle Gordon, Sara Erickson, Kristen Johnson, Keith Rousil, Ben Herr, Brian Roberts, Jenny McDade, Penny Hobert, Linda Brome, Brian Roberts


I.          Tosh Golias-Radio Test set for August 20, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

II.         Gayle Gordon-Update on Emergency Preparedness Fair

         A.         Fair is set for September 21, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


  B.         Activities/Participants-Keith will have a first aid table. Joycelyn is lining up participants from OCM. A vendor from a fire extinguisher company will have a table.


 C.        Prizes-Jenni is working on give-aways. Jenni has obtained gift cards from Target and Oscar Blues. Clark’s Hardware has donated flashlights


 D.        Publicity-Gayle has sent the flyer to the town the for the email
 blast. The town will list the event in the utility bill. Ben will ask Mimi to write
 press releases for the Lyons Recorder and the Redstone Review. Tosh will list
 the event on the LP website. Members will use their internal neighborhood
 channels to publicize the event. Gayle will ask Joycelyn to post on Lyons
 Happenings. Flyers can be set out at the Post Office and other venues in town.
 Sara will prep the flyers


 E.         Other-Penny and Linda will sit at the sign in table.  Kristin and Sara will sit at the LP information table. Sara will make a placard acknowledging the vendors who have donated. John has reported that he has difficulty contacting the Boy Scouts. Jenni reported that the Girl Scouts may make posters advertising the event in the schools. Jenni is further exploring other projects for the Girl Scouts. Kristin reported that CSU extension may been involved.       


III.        Aaron Caplan- Update on Scenario Planning


A.        The Chief has okayed the high-level plan.  The scenario is set for Saturday, October 5, 2019 starting at 9:00 a.m. with lunch following.


B.        The scripting is done beforehand, and LP will not have a person to assist the Fire Department with the scenario. LP members can be at the Fire station to observe.



IV.        Linda Vahrenkamp-Update on Membership List.


A.        Linda updated membership list and shared how to access it

on the website. Linda will keep membership information updated on the website. Linda passed out the contact list and had every check for accuracy. Linda will then send a pdf to members


V.         Other Business


A.        Tosh shared that Shannon has advised that he has limited time
to come to LP meetings and our events because he works full time and is now
a Lyons Fire Department volunteer. The Board agreed to continue him as a

        member even though he can’t participate as often as he would like.


B.      Aaron wondered if LP should be activated even when normal
channels of communication are still up, e.g. during a wild fire. Tosh
shared that the Chief has expressed the thought that LP could be a line of
communication in the event of an emergency even when LP is not officially
activated. Tosh advised that dispatch could call members from a list that
would be kept on file at the Department if they want LP involvement in an
 affected neighborhood. Members can also call in if they are aware of a
potential emergency


C.        Linda and Penny will be getting a radio for their neighborhood. They will work out a sharing plan. Kristin has a LP radio.


Next Meeting:  September 17, 2019, 6:30 p.m.



















                        Total of $1,604.02 in funds.


            III.        Review of 2018 Action Plan


            IV.      2019 Goals:  Recruit for Apple Valley and Eagle Canyon. Continue to expand ourreach efforts. Individual contune to apply for funding sources and continue to apply

for recognition award.


V.  Other Items: Ben will could represent _____ Gray Mountain area. Linda shared the Spring Gulch plan. Joycelyn reported that the town rep from Lyons Human Services and Aging Commission thought we were interested in a emergency contact list of vunerable populations. This is not true. Tosh has sent emails saying we are not interested.


















1-Meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in February, May, August and November. (November meeting on second Tuesday of the month due to Thanksgiving. Time remains: 6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Joe suggested that an ad hoc meeting could be held if there is a need. We can continue to assess what works for the LP Board.


2-Radio Check-Ins at 6:30 p.m. on the 3rd Tuesday of non-meeting months-January, March, April, June, July, September and October  (no check in for December)


3-Scenario Training once per year (2018 date: September 1)


4-Additional trainings/outreach efforts as decided by the group (CPR/First Aid, Summer Concert Series, National Night Out, etc.)


5. Changes for New Members. New members will be expected to attend scenarios and radio training and attend 3 meetings per year. New Members will have a 6 month trial period. New members will come to another members house for radio nights.


II.         Recruitment. We still need to recruit new members for neighborhoods without a

            neighborhood contact person.


III.        Outreach activities


Aaron suggested that the Summer Concert Series table has not reached that many people. Ken suggested a float at the or Halloween or Christmas parade. Sara will take lead on the project.  Joycelyn, Aaron Ken and Gayle will be on committee.

Action Item: Sara will present ideas at the August Meeting.


We will have have a table at National Night Out on August 7, 2018


IV.         Banner: Thank you to Ken and Gayle for donating the payment for the banner.






V.        Go Bags


  1. Tosh reviewed go-bag handouts with group.  X-Freedom 40L Molle Waterproof Day Pack in black. The bags should be organized uniformly with a diagram of what is in each bag and where items are located in each bag. Supply bags should be labeled and dated (some items expire)


  1. One bag each for the following areas: Town North, Town South, Stone Canyon, Longmont Dam Rd, Spring Gulch, Dakota Ridge and Hwy 36 West of Blue Mountain


  1. Group reviewed price list for bags and supplies in bags.


      4.   A round of applause for Tosh for all the work done on getting the Go Bags operational.


VI.      Scenario is 9/15/18. Keith and Joycelyn will join Emily in planning the event and

           will work at the Fire Station during the scenario.


VII.    Redstone Review Article: A big thank-you to Shannon for his article in the Redstone



Radio Check-Ins:

June 19, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.

July 17, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.


Next meeting:

8/21/18 at 6:30 p.m.

Lyons Prepared Steering Committee Minutes 1/15/19

posted Jan 22, 2019, 10:41 AM by Sara Erickson   [ updated Jan 22, 2019, 10:44 AM ]

Lyons Prepared

Minutes 1/15/19

Lyons Fire Station


Members Present: Aaron Caplan, Linda Vahrenkamp, Tosh Golias; Joe Lampe, Ken Feldman, Sara Erickson, Kristen Johnson, Keith Roussil, Joe Lampe, Shannon Davis, Mimi Wesson, Ben Herr, John Tuley, Brian Roberts


Potential Members: John Tuley, Buster Ranch


I.          Projects for 2019


            A.  Members who volunteered to work on a project in 2019


1.   Aaron, Joe: Organize 2019 scenario


2.   Sara, Gayle, Ken, Kristen: Organize 2019 Emergency Preparedness Fair


3.   Mimi: Organize 2019 CPR/AED/first aid training for Lyons Prepared   members


4.   Jack: Organize Outreach activity (for example, video, additional

      preparedness pamphlet) with goal of encouraging neighborhood

      emergency preparedness


5.   Keith: Organize the purchase of items for new neighborhood kits


6.   Ken: Organize recruiting for neighborhoods which don’t have a
      point of contact


7.   Update and maintain Lyons prepared website


8.   Ken: Organize tour for members of neighborhoods in mountain


9.   Linda: Maintain map and contact lists


II.         Co-Chair or Assistant Chair


             A.  Kristen has agreed to take this position.


III.         Presentation by Keith Roussil on how to use Arrive on Scene cards in kits


            A.        Do not provide care if victim does not want it (unless person is unresponsive) Introduce self, and ask “would you like some help?


            B.  ABC Assessment:





            C.   AVPU test for responsiveness:



     Pain (determine if they can feel pain: sternal rub or grab skin on top
             of collarbone)



            D.  SAMPLE: (if victim is awake and or verbal)

     Symptoms (ask how are you feeling?



     Past History

     Last Ins and Outs

     Events (ask what happened?)


E.         Orthopedic Injury: Find out why someone is making a lot of noise if they have a bone injury. Have them wiggle things distal (downstream from injury). Possibly use Sam splint from kit, warm blanket.


F.         Bleeding: use gauze to press on bleeding area or use tourniquet (arterial bleed--spurting out) Tourniquet is used upstream from the injury.


IV.        Additional Items


A.        Gayle has not gotten a response from the Chief regarding the next fair. Tosh will ask Chief if he wants to hold a fair in 2019


B.        Kristin asked if, in an emergency situation in an outlying area, which law enforcement agency responds. Lynda says to tell 911, that you are in Lyons Fire Protection District. Agencies do overlap in responding. Its crucial to give 911 your specific address and the best way to get to your home.


Radio Test is February 19, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.


Next Meeting:  March 19, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at Fire Station


Respectfully submitted

Sara Erickson




Lyons Prepared Minutes 11/13/18

posted Nov 19, 2018, 2:02 PM by Sara Erickson   [ updated Jan 1, 2019, 1:32 PM by Toshen ]

Lyons Prepared

Minutes 11/13/18

Lyons Fire Station


Members Present: Gayle Gordon, Aaron Caplan, Linda Vahrenkamp, Tosh Golias; Joe Lampe,  Joycelyn Fankhouser, Jenny McDade,  Sara Erickson, Keith Roussil


Potential Members: Ben Herr, X-Bar 7 and Blue Mountain area

                                     Jack Jostes, 1-Town West-Confluence area

                                     Kristen Johnson, 10-2-Buster Ranch and Sunship


  1. Recap of Emergency Preparedness Fair: Sara, Gayle, Jocelyn


1.  Gayle reported that most of the participants were people with small children.

  We would have like to have had better attendance, but it was good for the first time.

  People liked the demonstrations. We need more outreach through the schools.

  Aaron shared that there is an event (Fire Week) at the school. For next fair we

  need to do outreach also through the schools.  Aaron shared that Georgia has a

  state funded Stop the Bleed campaign. Maybe Keith could do another

  tourniquet demo. Tosh suggested that having a preparedness fair connected

  with National Night Out.  Maybe add a smoke detector or fire extinguisher

  disposal or exchange could be a draw for the event. We now have pictures to

  use for the next fair.


        2.  Thank you notes to vendors need to be sent out. Jenny will draft and get 
  names/addresses from Gayle. Sara and Joycelyn will help with distribution.


II.         Financial Report-Keith Roussil


            Review of Assets and Expenditures: Total of $1,604.02 current in funds.


III.        Review of 2018 Action Plan


            A.    Prioritize recruiting in the following areas: Eagle Canyon, Confluence, X Bar 7,
                    Lone Star. This is a continuing goal-we now have potential members for Confluence,
                   X-Bar 7.

            B.    Expand neighborhood outreach efforts and continue to network about LP
                    (Accomplished through the Preparedness Fair)

            C.    Emergency kits/backpacks project (Accomplished) 

            D.   Continue to identify funding sources (Accomplished-Received IBM grant) 

            E.    Continue to apply for recognition awards (Applied but did not receive)

  •             F.    More proactive outreach regarding preparedness, for example, lightning strikes.

                G.   Sponsor a CPR/first aid training (Will set for 2019)

      H.   Plan 2018 scenario- Accomplished

    IV.       2019 Goals:


    1.   Recruit for Apple Valley and Eagle Canyon. Continue to expand outreach



    2.   Additional proactive outreach, e.g. prepare one video. Information video on

          Lyons prepared. Or mitigation, first aid, snake bites. Use of a fire



    3.   Plan for 2019 scenario. There would need to be commitment from more

          people in LP to prepare.


    4.   Emergency Preparedness fair for 2019


    5.   LP Members First Aid/CPR training.


    V.  Other Items


                1.   Ben Herr is interested in representing Blue Mountain area, X-Bar 7


                2.   Jack Jostes will is interested in representing 1-Town West-Confluence area.


                3.   Kristen John is interested in representing 10-2-Buster Ranch Sunship Area


                4.   Tosh directed Ben, Jack and Kristen to the membership requirements on the LP


               5.   Linda shared the Spring Gulch plan.


                6.   Joycelyn reported that the town rep from Lyons Human Services and Aging

        Commission thought we were interested in an emergency contact list of

        vunerable residents in Lyons. Tosh has sent emails saying we are not



    VI.   New Meeting Schedule


           The Board decided to hold meetings every other month on odd months. Meeting

           days are changed to 2nd Wednesdays of the month. Radio tests will be 2-3- times

           year in even months.


           Next radio test is 2nd Wednesday in December, which is 12/12/18 at 6:30 p.m.


           2019 Meetings (all at 6:30 p.m.):









    Respectfully submitted,

    Sara Erickson



    Lyons Emergency Preparedness Fair!

    posted Nov 3, 2018, 9:16 AM by Toshen

    Lyons Prepared and Lyons Fire Protection District held an Emergency Preparedness Fair on Saturday, Oct 13, 12:30 - 2:30 PM.

    A huge thanks to Gayle, Ken, Sara, Sue, and Joycelyn for all the work they did preparing for the Emergency Preparedness Fair, to Chief Hoffman for making the fire station available for the fair, and to everyone in Lyons Prepared and the Lyons Fire Protection District who helped make the event a success. Great job!

    We had a beautiful, sunny day for the fair, and it looked to me like people were finding good information and the kids were having a great time climbing on the fire engines, trying their hand at the fire hose, and getting their photos taken with the firefighters.

    Thanks to Keith for giving trainings on how to properly use a tourniquet (he gave me a trial run before the fair started and I was amazed at how quickly my confidence level related to using one went up). Thanks also to the firefighters for giving demonstrations on fire extinguisher use.

    Finally, thanks to IBM and Foothills United Way for giving us the grants that made the fair possible.

    One more step of progress on our mission to help our community become better prepared for any future emergencies!

    The entire fire station was filled with a variety of preparedness organizations from around Boulder County providing info to the community and answering questions:

    Of course, the favorite activity was the chance for future firefighters to learn how to put out a mock fire. The Lyons firefighters also held fire extinguisher trainings and gave tours of their trucks.

    Keith gave a quick training on the use of tourniquets:

    Sue, a volunteer firefighter and IBM retiree, helped us apply for the grant from IBM, and gave a talk about the importance of community emergency preparedness:

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