Production and Publishing History

GHOSTS OF NORMANDY, a one-act play, 2017

     • 3rd Annual Playwrights Jamboree, Rhino Theatre Company, production, August 2018. 

LETTING GO, a ten-minute play, 2017

     • Mid-America Theatre Conference, Milwaukee, WI, reading, March 2018.
     • ShowOff!, Camino Real Playhouse, San Juan Capistrano, CA, reading, January 2018.

, a ten-minute play, 2014.

     • 18th Annual One Acts Festival, Paw Paw Village Players, Paw Paw, MI,  production, February 2015.

BEHOLD THE MAN, a full-length play

• Signature Ensemble Theatre, Chicago, IL, reading, April 2015.

DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER,  a ten-minute play, 2013. 

     • Manama Theatre Club, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, production, March 2018.
    • South Otago Theatrical Society, South Otago, NZ, production, May 2017.
     • Stag Theatre Company, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK, production, June 2016.
    • Brighton Fringe Festival, Pint Sized Plays, Brighton, UK, production, May 2015.
    • Short+Sweet Festival, Sydney, Australia, production, February/March 2015

    • Short+Sweet Festival, Chennai, India, production, July 2014.
    • Unboxed Voices Short Play Festival, New York, NY, production, July 2014.
    • Random Theatre, Oxford, UK, production, October 2013.

     • Pint Sized Script Slam, Fishguard, UK, production, September-October 2013.

SERENDIPITY, a one-act play, 2013

     • New Play Workshop, Theatre of Western Springs, Western Springs, IL, production, August 2015.
     • Thespis Festival, Hudson Guild Theatre, New York, NY, production, August 2015. 
     Chameleon Theatre Circle's 14th Annual New Play Contest, Burnsville, MN,  public reading, September 2013.

a full-length play, 2011.

    • Elite Theatre Company, Oxnard, CA, public reading, November 2012.

AGING GRACE, a one-act play, 2011.

      Published by Heartland Plays, Inc., 2012, in a collection titled PAST PRESENT TENSE.
     • CAST Players, Beaumont, CA, production, June 2012.

SOMETHING FROM NOTHING, a ten-minute play, 2011.
     • Reboot Theatre Company, London, UK, production scheduled, April 2018.
     • Dramatica Volume 2, Saarthak Productions, Bangalore, India, production, August 2015.
     Short+Sweet Festival, Queensland, Australia, production, August, 2013.
     Senses Askew Company, New York, NY, production, May, 2013.
    Mid-America Theatre Conference Playwriting Symposium, St. Louis, MO, staged reading, March 2013.

      • North Park Playwrights Festival, San Diego, CA, production, October 2012.
     • Senses Askew Company, New York, NY, reading, May 2012.

THE COLLISION OF VENUS AND MARS, a ten-minute play, 2011.

    Short Play Festival: SEX!, The Players Theatre, New York, NY, production, February 2015.
    • Ten-Minute Play Workshop, Rider University, online reading, March 2013.
South Otago Theatrical Society

 THE WRITER AND THE THIEF, a ten-minute play, 2010.

    • End of the Road New Play Festival, Gulf Shores, AL, staged reading, July 2016.
    Mid-America Theatre Conference Playwriting Symposium, Cleveland, OH, staged reading, March 2014.
    • Shadow Plays, Breakwater Theatre Company, Grimsby, UK, public reading, May, 2013.
    • Short Play Lab, Roy Arias Studios, Payan Theatre, New York, NY, production June 2010.

TWISTED, a one-act play, 2007.

    • Midwinter Madness, Roy Arias Studios, Payan Theatre, New York, NY, production, February 2011.
    • Tallahassee Writers Association's Project Stagelight Award for Best Play, public reading, 2011.
    • Great Plains Theatre Festival, Omaha, NE, staged reading, May, 2009.

MISSING AND UNACCOUNTED FOR, a full-length play, 2006-07.

    • Chicago Dramatists, Saturday Series, staged reading, Chicago, IL, January 2007.

LET ANGELS PROSTRATE FALL, a monologue, 2005.

    Published in interJACtions: Monologues at the Heart of Human Nature, Vol. 1, JAC Publishing & Promotions, 2010.
    • Short Attention Span Theatre PlayFEST, Atlantis Playmakers, production, Billerica, MA, July   2006.

SHOOTING POOL WITH A ROPE, a one-act play, 2005. Revised 2007.

     Midwinter Madness Festival, Roy Arias Studios, Payan Theatre, New York, NY, production, February 2013.
     Published by Heartland Plays, Inc., 2012, in a collection titled PAST PRESENT TENSE.  
    • Icebox Radio Theatre, Season 5, Episode 6. Podcast, 2011.
    • Pend Oreille Playhouse 1st Annual One-Act Play Festival, Newport, WA, production, July 2010.
Old Opera House Theatre 10th Annual New Voice Play Festival, Charles Town, WV, production, June 2010.
    • Playwrights Circle Staged Reading Series, Palm Springs International Play Festival, Palm   Springs, CA, staged reading, August 2007.
    • Great Plains Theatre Festival, Omaha, NE, staged reading, May 2007.

PAST PRESENT TENSE, a collection of related one-act  plays, 2005.

     Published by Heartland Plays, Inc., 2012.
     • The Open Book’s Eighth National Readers Theatre Playwriting Competition, reading, 2006.

THE CRUCIFIXION OF MOE AND IRA, a ten-minute play, 2005.

    • Unalienable (Play) Rights, Barrington Collective, New York, NY staged reading, July 2018.    
    • Best of the Pick of the Vine Festival, Little Fish Theatre, San Pedro, CA, production, 2017.   
    92 Y Resident Artists' "What are you waiting for?" Short Play Festival, New York, production, June 2014.
    • Everybody Dies in the End, Theatre Unleashed, NoHo Stage, North Hollywood, CA, March 2011.
    Published, Poems and Plays, Middle Tennesse State University, 2010.
    • Source Festival, Washington D. C., production, July 2009.
    • Spectrum Festival, First Run Theatre, St. Louis, MO, production, June 2009.
    • Pick of the Vine One-Act Festival, Little Fish Theatre, San Pedro, CA, Jan-Feb 2009.
    • Snowdance 10-Minute Comedy Festival, Racine WI, production, February 2008.
    • New York City 15-Minute Play Festival, New York, NY, production, April 2007 (AEA).
    • Mid-America Theatre Conference Playwriting Symposium, Minneapolis, MN, staged reading, March 2007.
    • Nantucket Short Play Festival, Nantucket, MA, production, October 2006.
    • First Stage, Hollywood, CA, May 2006. staged reading.
    • Great Plains Theatre Festival, Omaha, NE, staged reading, May 2006.
    • BareStage Theatre’s Six 10’s at Eight, Red Bluff, CA, production, September 2005.
    • Makor Theatre’s Ten Minute Play Festival, New York, NY, staged reading, July 2005.
    • Pan Theatre’s Second Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival, reading, Oakland, CA, September 2006.

THE POWER OF DARKNESS, a new English-language version of a play by Leo Tolstoy, 2004.

    • Published at, 2012; available on

JOANNA ON MY MIND, a one-act play, 2002-03.

    Shoestring Radio Theatre, San Francisco, California, broadcast, July 31, 2013.
    Published by Heartland Plays, Inc., 2012, in a collection titled PAST PRESENT TENSE.   
    • Finalist and Second Place Award, Tallahassee Writers Association’s Project Autumnlight, February 2007.
    • Love Creek Annual Short Play Festival Series, production, New York City, October 2004 (AEA)

TRAILER PARK TANGO (previously titled BUFORD AND LEROY), a full-length comedy, 2000.

    • Festival of Firsts Playwriting Competition, Carmel, CA, 2000; staged reading, September 2000.

BUFORD AND LEROY, a one-act play, 1997.

    • Copenhagen Fringe Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark, production, May 2018. 
    Published by  Nantucket Theatrical Productions, Autopscot Press, Nantucket Short Play Antlhologies, Volume 1: Stars, 2016.
    • Published by Heartland Plays, Inc., 2012, in a collection titled PAST PRESENT TENSE.
    • Nantucket Short Play Competition, 1999, production, the Nantucket Short Play Festival, Nantucket, September 1998;  reprised September 2002.
    • One-Act Marathon; production, the Attic Theatre, Hollywood, CA, ran June-July 1998 (AEA).

ANGEL CREAM, a ten-minute play, 1996.

    • First Stage, Hollywood, California, production, May 2004.
    • Sub-Orbital Blowout Theatre Company, Norwalk, CT, production August 2001.
    • BareBones Theatre Group, Charlotte, NC, production, April 2001.
    • Ten Minute Play Festival, staged reading, Theatre Oxford, Oxford, MS, March 2000.
    • City Playhouse, Los Angeles Theatre Academy, production, December 1999.
    • Kindness of Strangers Short Act Festival, production, Hollywood, CA; April 1999. (AEA)
    • First Annual Short Play Festival, Gold Coast Players, production, Boca Raton, FL, August 1997.
    • Turnip Theatre Company (Off-Broadway), production, New York City 15 Minute Play Festival, March 1997. (AEA)

A TALE FROM THE NORTH WOODS, a play for young audiences, 1993, revised 1997.

    Published by Youth Plays, Inc. at, 2012.   
    • East Valley Community Theatre Playwriting Contest, Mesa, AZ, 2006. production part of regular season, February 2007.
    • Regional Touring Theatre Company, Western Illinois University, spring tour, production--92 performances, 1993.

UNCLE VANYA, a new English language version of a play by AntonChekhov, 1991.

    Published at, 2012; available on
    • University Theatre, Western Illinois University, production, 1991.
    • The Independent Players, Elgin, IL, production, 1993.

AS YOU LIKE IT ‘69, a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare's comedy, 1988.

    • Department of Theatre, Buena Vista University, Storm Lake, IA, production, 1988.
    • Tom Ball College, Tom Ball, TX, production, 1993.