Lynn E. Frederiksen is a hearing-impaired modern dancer/choreographer who was born in St. Croix, USVI and has been dancing and teaching in MA for several decades. She holds a BA in Biology and an MA in Environmental Affairs from Clark University, and an MFA in Dance from Smith College. From 1992 to 2007, she was a member of the dance faculty at Tufts University and currently is an adjunct professor of theater arts at Clark University in Worcester.  With Paul Kafka-Gibbons, she co-founded Lynn & Paul Dance in 2007 to explore the possibilities of duets and in the same year became a member of Jeanne Traxler’s PB&J Dance Company. Elements of Afro-Caribbean culture and dance—as well as classical dance of India—are threaded through Lynn’s work.   At Clark University she teaches African Inspirations: A Dance Collaboration, using Pearl Primus' Fanga and Buschasche to explore the "conversation" between music and movement in African and African diaspora dance. Her interest in the music-movement dynamic found form most recently through working with pianist Liza Kitchell and clarinetist Mark Chenevert on  At the Pace of Dawn--A Climate Change Trilogy, presented at Clark University on January 29, 2019.  

Lynn is also a writer: With Wittenberg University professor Shih-Ming Li Chang, she co-authored a multimedia educational resource, Chinese Dance: In the Vast Land and Beyond. The book,  with an interactive website and annotated database of over 500 online videos, was published by Wesleyan University Press in 2016.  Recently Lynn and Shih-Ming were commissioned by Human Kinetics Publishing to  develop Dance around the World, a textbook and on-line teaching resource for college-level dance courses in the US.  Lynn's poetry and prose has been published in The Caribbean Writer, and her poem "Courage of Egrets" received the Marvin E. Williams Literary Prize in 2016. 


"At the Pace of Dawn--A Climate Change Trilogy"  and other dances  presented at Clark University, January 29,  2019.

At the Pace of DawnA Climate Change Trilogy

Choreography: Lynn E. Frederiksen 

Music:  Composed and performed by Liza Kitchell and Mark Chenevert

Dancers:  Lynn E. Frederiksen and Paul Kafka-Gibbons

     Amanda Ng Yann Chwen and Josephine Schneider

Part 1: Drought

Dancing at the pace of dawn

I will take time

As time has taken me

I will take time

To water trees that wait leafless in the wind

I will take time to its common end

And begin again                   LEF 2015 

Part 2: Into the Flood, Saltation

Saltation: The jumping motion of particles transported by a fluid. From the Latin saltare, meaning “to dance.” The 7-beat phrase of the title undergirds the music.

Part 3: Aftermath  (First section, "Drought," starts at 10:40, after 2 other solo dances)     (Continuation of "Drought," entirety of "Flood," beginning of "Aftermath"    (End of "Aftermath" and the dance 0:00 to  6:50)

"Aftermath," (Excerpt from At the Pace of Dawn) choreography Lynn Frederiksen, score composed and performed by Liza Kitchell and Mark Chenevert; danced by Lynn Frederiksen and Paul Kafka-Gibbons.  At Kelley Donovan's Third Life Series, Somerville, MA, February 22, 2019.  Videographer James Falvo.

Solo performed by Lynn Frederiksen to original music “After Rain” composed by Colin Minigan (commissioned and performed by Apple Orange Pair) for "Tiny & Short: A Drop in the Bucket" produced by The Dance Complex, September 2018. Video by Maximal Image. 
PW: TS18Lynn

"Into The Flood Saltation"
Score composed by Liza Kitchell and Mark Chenevert.  Choreographer Lynn Frederiksen.  Performed by Liza Kitchell, Mark Chenevert, Lynn Frederiksen and Paul Kafka-Gibbons at the Armory, Somverville, MA, 2017, at THANGsgiving 2017.

Performance at the Cambridge River Festival, June 2nd, 2018.

Score composed by Liza Kitchell.  Choreographer Lynn Frederiksen.   Performed by Liza Kitchell, Lynn Frederiksen and Paul Kafka-Gibbons at the Armory, Somverville, MA, 2016, at THANGsgiving 2016.


"Suess Fish Brick"
Performed at the Peabody School in Cambridge, MA, on the occasion of  Dr. Suess' birthday, 2016.

"Age of Discovery"

Part 1 of "Age of Discovery" is pair of over-lapping solos and the first of 3 sections.   The middle section ("The salt is left behind") was completed in 2010 and is danced to sound effects that include wood; metal or hands twisting against wood and rope; wind sounds; tumbling rocks; and water. The third section ("Hands have to do this") was completed in 2008, and was performed to a solo voice singing the tenor line of Randall Thompson's "Two Worlds."All three sections were modified when merged into a single work for the December 2010 performance.   The first and thirds sections were performed in 2009 and 2008, respectively,  at The Dance Complex in Cambridge, MA as part of the Shared Choreographers Concerts, a mentored program.  Along with the collaborations with my partner Paul, the mentoring process was highly valuable in the creation of the dance.

 As the title and music suggest, the dance contains images from 1492—and specifically from the post-Columbian history of the Caribbean and the dynamics of slavery—but the meeting of worlds and the discoveries that result over time are at once global and individual, following an arc from historical events (Part 1) to the meanings of individual relationships within the family (Part 3). "Age" is both an era and a life stage. The middle section is the transition from the old world to the new, exploring images of circumnavigation, transfer of momentum between medium and vessel, and exactly what is left behind when we are taken from one world to another. The cloth props (which I call "pelts") allow us to explore how we move from viewing things as a means to an end and begin to recognize their inherent life and meaning.

Age of Discovery


Lynn E. Frederiksen 

Collaboration and Inspiration:

Paul Kafka-Gibbons


Lynn & Paul 

Music :

Part 1: "Discovery"  *

Una sañosa porfia by Juan del Encina (1485-1530) A lament for the fall of Granada

Improvisations on Ayo visto lo mappamundi-I have seen the map of the world

(Anon. Italian, 1450s)

Performed by The Waverly Consort

Part 2: "The Salt is Left Behind"

Sound score developed by Paul & Lynn

Part 3: "Hands have to do this" *

Musical and spoken excerpts and "translations" of Edmund Waller's poem,

 Of the Last Verses in a Book

Song: Randall Thompson, Two Worlds

Spoken: "Translations" by John Minigan and Lynn

Guitar Improvisation: Colin J. Minigan 

*Choreography for Parts 1 and 3 were developed through the Dance Complex's

Shared Choreographers Concert process, 2009 and 2008, respectively. 

Special thanks to Jeanne Traxler and John Minigan for technical assistance with lights and sound, to Joe Burgio for sharing the evening with us,

  and to Andrew Eisenberg for the use of this space! 

Saturday, December 11th, 8 pm

381 Congress Street, 2nd Floor, Boston 02210

Performance of  "Age of Discovery," at floft, December, 2010.


Performance of "Hands," May, 2010.

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Performance at Nave, May 21, 2011.