nn Lohnas

ljlohnas at syr dot edu

Assistant Professor

Syracuse University

Research Interests

      I am interested in how memories are formed, stored and retrieved. To characterize these processes, it is important to consider the information that is meant to be memorized or tested. Specifically, the relationships between presented information informs whether that information will be remembered, and, if so, how it relates to other memories. To study memory functions, and how those functions are informed by the relationships between memories, I use computational cognitive models to make testable predictions in memory behavior and brain activity. I also conduct studies measuring brain activity and behavior to motivate future modeling work and further our understanding of these processes.

      Postdoctoral Fellow, Psychology and Center for Neural Science
      New York University, 2013-2018

      PhD, Neuroscience
      Certificate in Computational Neuroscience
      University of Pennsylvania, 2007-2012

      BA, Neuroscience and Mathematics with Honors
      Brandeis University, 2003-2007


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      Talmi, D., Lohnas, L.J., Daw, N.D. (in press). A retrieved context model of the emotional modulation of memory. Psychological Review.

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      Lohnas, L.J., Polyn, S.M., Kahana, M.J. (2015). Expanding the scope of memory search: Modeling intralist and interlist effects in free recall. Psychological Review, 122(2), 337-363.

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