Lynnfield Athletic Association

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lynnfield Athletic Association (LAA) shall be:

* To unite parents, students, faculty, alumni and community in the common interest of supporting and encouraging participation in interscholastic sports programs, recognizing the role athletics play in the education and development of Lynnfield High School (LHS) students;

* To promote the mental, physical, emotional and social benefits of interscholastic athletic competition at LHS;

* To instill a sense of school pride in all the athletes and the school community in general;

* To provide financial support to LHS athletic programs;

* To recognize and reward student athletes for participation in LHS athletic programs.

Funds are raised through the support of the Snack Shack concession stand at the High School and the 4th of July Road Race. All funds raised support the Athletic teams of LHS and directly impact the children of the Lynnfield Community. Annually, LAA also awards scholarships to members of the graduating senior class.

Membership shall be open to all supporters of LHS athletics.


Team Uniforms:

Boys Basketball * Cheering * Field Hockey * Football * Ice Hockey * Lacrosse* Boys Soccer * Girls Soccer * Swim Team * Boys/Girls Tennis * Volleyball

Baseball Jackets* Golf Waterproof Pullovers * Girls Basketball Warm Ups * Girls Soccer Warm Ups


Baseball * Ice Hockey * Lacrosse * Track * Volleyball System

Student Athlete Recognition:

T-shirts for Division-Winning Teams * LAA Scholar Athlete Bowl awarded at team banquets * funding for Award Plaques at team banquets * Gym Banners * Senior Night Banners * Trophy Cases


$6000 in awards increased to $10,000 given in 2016

$15,000 awarded in 2017 and 2018 (ten $1500 scholarships)

In addition LAA has funded:

CPR/AED Training for Coaches * First Aid and Training Supplies * Benches for Tennis Court area* Two golf carts for use by the Athletic Trainer (2014) * Subsidized Coop Hockey and Gymnastics fees

For more information please email us at or visit us on Facebook