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004 Critical Thinking

Catalog Course Description: "PHIL 4. Critical Thinking. Study of the basic skills of good reasoning needed for the intelligent and responsible conduct of life. Topics include: argument structure and identification, validity and strength of arguments, common fallacies of reasoning, use and abuse of language in reasoning, principles of fair play in argumentation. Graded: Graded Student. Units: 3.0."

 My Comments: How can developing and improving your critical thinking skills benefit you? Good critical thinking skills help you comprehend difficult reading material, and helps you to recognize when someone is making an argument and whether their argument is any good. And that's a skill you can apply to your own school work; with good CT skills, you'll be able to write more persuasive, elegant papers.

Ever feel like you've been cheated? Well, most of us have been cheated, at one time or another. Someone got us to believe a falsehood, often by using statistics. Good CT skills help us to ask the right questions when presented with statistics, so that we are less likely to be fooled by them. That's pretty important, with an election year upon us!

Text: Critical Thinking, ed. 10, Moore and Parker

Reading List and Syllabus, below.

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