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Recent syllabi are available; current syllabi will be posted soon.  You can find them in the 'Syllabi' section, to the left of the screen. 

 Please note that PHIL 112/History of Ethics is a Writing Intensive course. Prerequisite: Completion of GE Areas A2, A3, second semester composition (English 20), junior standing, and English 109M/W. Students who take the WPJ instead of initially taking English 109M/W must score 70, 71, or 80. Students with a lower WPJ score will have to complete other prerequisites determined by their score. Successful completion of the writing intensive course certifies the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)..

PhD, Phil: University of California, Davis
MA, Phil:University of California, Davis
BA, Phil: California State University, Sacramento
+undergraduate course work in Phil., Michigan State University

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