About Counselling

Having a safe place to explore your issues within a supportive, therapeutic relationship can help you to see things more clearly. The relationship between you and your counsellor is important, it can enable you to get to know yourself better and reflect on the things you would like to do differently in your life. Together, we can look at things from different perspectives, to help you understand the underlying causes of your difficulties or struggles. 

Counselling can provide you with the opportunity to increase your understanding of self and help you access and develop your own resources. It can open up the possibility of change so that you find a way forward that is right for you. In gaining a better understanding of yourself and promoting self-acceptance it can bring many benefits and offer more freedom of choice.

Everyone has their own individual reason for coming to see a counsellor.
These reasons vary; it may be that they are feeling stressed and perhaps showing signs of depression, anxiety or panic attacks. Some people come having experienced loss or bereavement, divorce or separation. Often people come who have been suffering many physical problems but with no obvious physical cause.

Maybe you have lost confidence in yourself or you would like to improve your relationships. 

When under stress sometimes people develop habits or addictions such as drinking too much alcohol taking drugs or becoming a problem gambler, these habits can be symptoms of an underlying cause. If any of this sounds at all familiar then counselling might well be of help to you.