When talking about Lynn Blakey's place in the music world, you have to start with her voice. Distinctive and bell-clear, sometimes plaintive and always honest, Blakey’s voice is the underpinning of her appeal and of her acclaim, both as a frontwoman and as a guest vocalist. It’s an instrument that hushes crowds and makes grown men cry. I know because I’ve witnessed the hush and I’ve been that grown man. Her impassioned vocals and inspired songwriting have most recently found a home in the beloved and pop-rocking Gloryfountain, and in the harmony-driven all-girl super-group Tres Chicas. She has also added her voice to recordings by such notables as Alejandro Escovedo (A Man Under the Influence), Jeffrey Dean Foster (Million Star Hotel), Dana Kletter, The Velvet Crush, and many others.

Blakey has been singing, playing, writing and recording music for most of her life, leading her first all-girl band (picture left) out of the garage and into the thriving club scene of the Southeastern U.S. before she was old enough to vote.

Out of the gate, Blakey’s bands shared the stage with The Circle Jerks, R.E.M., Alex Chilton and The Replacements in the formative years of the burgeoning indy/college rock scene. Blakey’s talents as a singer and musician also led her to supporting roles in Athens, GA indy/pop band Oh-Ok, and innovative Southern rock collective Let’s Active.

In recent years she has released several albums including Glory Fountain's Blame Love, and The Beauty of 23 (La Joy), as well as Tres Chicas' Sweetwater, and Bloom, Red and The Ordinary Girl (Yep Roc). Both ensembles toured throughout the US and Europe, headlining and playing shows alongside artists such as Ralph Stanley, Jeff Buckley, Calexico, Molteni, Ian Moore and Tift Merritt.

Today, Blakey is finding fulfillment in the creation of new songs: straightforward, soulful, melodic epiphanies that surge and swim in the waters of love, living, and loss. Blakey’s newest endeavors are supported by her husband Ecki Heins, who lends sympathetic harmonies and sweeping fiddle lines. They have recently recorded a five-song E.P. with notable North Carolina producer Jerry Kee and spent an inspiring part of Summer 2010 bringing those songs to a wider audience in Europe. The E.P. "Meadowview" was released April 2011.

—Rick Cornell, music writer for The Independent Weekly, No Depression, Oxford American, and others

"Of all the accomplished musicians who have sprung from the Triangle's indie and roots communities in the past couple of decades, the best pure singer among them may well be Lynn Blakey. With a pedigree that stretches back to the Athens, Ga., 1980s heyday and with close ties to N.C. studio pioneers Mitch Easter and Chris Stamey, Blakey has made some great recordings over the years with bands such as The Glory Fountain and Tres Chicas. The new five-song EP, Meadowview, is, surprisingly, her first release under her own name; it features fetching violin and vocal accents by her husband, German expat Ecki Heins. He's undoubtedly the subject of the leadoff track, "Immigrant Heart"; there's also a fresh take on "Bloom," one of the Chicas' finest tunes." —Peter Blackstock The Independent Weekly

  "North Carolina's Tres Chicas deserve comparison with the finest female voices of contemporary folk and Americana....The McGarrigles, Emmylou-Dolly-Linda, Beth Orton. Bloom, Red & the Ordinary Girl is a major achievement." American Songwriter

“[Tres Chicas’ Sweetwater is] one of the notable, fetching, finished alt-country releases of the year.” The Village Voice

“Atmospheric and rootsy, the album (The Beauty of 23) is drenched in textures...Chumbris' inventive guitar lines... Blakey's gorgeous voice... Far too inventive to be comfortably pigeonholed, Glory Fountain is contemplative American music filled with passion, love, and regret.”—Hal Horowitz, All Music Guide