Community Speed Watch Update

Latest news from the Community Speed Watch volunteers.  If you would like to help this small but dedicated team please contact Georgina Mennim

During the period from the 6th June to 25th July the Lyng Community Speed Watch team conducted 10 monitoring sessions in the village of East Lyng, which has a 30 MPH speed limit. The speeds of approximately 5000 cars were monitored and of those 1% (47 cars) were found to be exceeding the speed limit by at least 20%.

In the 30 MPH limit, 5 cars were recorded at speeds in excess of 40 MPH. This is remarkable because the Speed Watch team wear high-visibility jackets and are very easy to see at a distance. Most car drivers break noticeably as they approach us.

Drivers recorded over the speed limit receive a letter from the police telling them that they were exceeding the speed limit. In addition, if our P.C.S.O. is present she can record drivers who are breaking the law by using mobile phones or not wearing seatbelts.

Under some circumstances the Community Speed Watch Team may be accompanied by a police officer and speeders observed will be given automatic points on their license, rather than a warning letter.

Additional information - I do have a graph showing statistics, this will be published in the next few days (problems with the format - please bear with me). Thank you to Georgina and volunteers for supplying this information.