March 2012 First Finds Meeting

Next Thursday, 8th March, there will be a Medieval Pottery Morning at the village hall from 10am till c.12am. This is when we will discover just how far back in time our finds go.

The morning will involve washing the pottery discovered in last years test pits and counting and weighing the sherds from each layer. At 11am the regions foremost medieval pottery specialist, John Allen of Exeter, will be present to provide us with some on the spot dating for the finds. Anyone will be welcome so please do spread the word. The only tools required will be a washing up bowl or similar water container and an old toothbrush an essential archaeological tool as some of you have already discovered. Both these items can be provided so feel free just to turn up without them.

If you can come along please could you let me know so I know how many buns to buy!

I will arrange an evening event later on to show everyone know how the project has gone so far and now that spring is here we can start thinking about doing more test pits in other places in the village, including those only available at the weekends.

Richard Brunning

For further information and let Richard know you'll be attending