Parish Council Minutes Monday 25th July

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 25th July 2011 at 7.30pm in Lyng Village Hall.

Cllr G. Mennim (Chair)
Cllr C. Dawson (Vice Chair)
Cllr S. Dare
Cllr H. Chappell
Cllr G Willis
District Cllr Mrs A Fraser.
Helen Walker (Clerk).
Members of the public present; John and Jackie Searle

1. Apologies; PCSO Becky Riley.

2. The minutes of the meeting held on 16th May 2011 were agreed and signed after the following amendments;
· Chair’s name should read Mennim not Mennin.
· 6(b) point 3 the words ‘and hedge cutting’ should be inserted after grass cutting.
· The date of the next meeting should read 25th July not 12th September.

3. Matters arising; none.

4. Planning;
The clerk had been informed that an appeal had been lodged on application 32/11/00004 Land at Durston Railway Goods Station.
No other planning applications had been received.

5. Finance;
(a) Bank balance as at 27th May 2011 was £4,128.37.
(b) Payment of cheque; Payment of £90.00 to SDC for costs of the Local Elections in May, proposed by C Dawson and seconded by G Willis.

6. Highways;
Minor road repairs are being carried out at the moment.
The community speed watch is up and running and a number of vehicles have been recorded going over the speed limit.
Durston Village have a flashing sign from time to time to warn motorists that they are going over the speed limit. The clerk to contact someone in Durston to find out what Lyng has to do to get one of these signs.
7. Footpath at Lyng Drove.
Gates have been erected on the drove at Lyng with funding from Nature England.
John Searle had been invited to the meeting to talk about laws and regulations regarding public footpaths. Before John retired he was the Public Rights of Way Officer for SDC.
He explained that you cannot obstruct the drove the same as you would not be able to obstruct the highway. At the moment the gates on the drove are illegal.
SCC is now applying for planning permission to erect the gates. Consultation with the residents of the Parish must take place. A number of organisations are involved, Nature England (who are funding the project), the local Drainage Board, Environmental Agency, local Landowners. The gates should not be locked eg. An ambulance would be unable to get down the drove should an accident happen. Should SCC be asked to upgrade the footpath to a bridal way?
We had been told that fly tipping and deer shooting had been taking place down the drove. The three Parishes of Lyng, Moorland and North Newton have had gates erected on the drove in their parish. The gates were erected by a contractor. The following persons should be contacted to discuss this matter; SCC George Montague Rights of Way Officer, Councillors David Huxtable and David Hall, Nature England Barry Phillips and the Landowner James Winslade who is the lead on this project. Continual use of the drove for horses will need to be proved before it can be upgraded to a bridal way.

8. Cemetery issues.
There are a number of holes in the ground within the cemetery. G Willis agreed to fill the holes with some rubble. The tree by the back hedge needs to be pruned; G Willis will look into this matter.

9. Village telephone box.
Clare Churchill who lives at No.3 Main Road had suggested it would be a good information centre. After a discussion it was decided that no further action is to be taken, wait until BT contacts the clerk.

10. Report from the Moors Cluster Meeting.
The clerk attended the meeting on 30th June 2011 at Thurloxton Village Hall.
The first 45 minutes was about Police matters and PCSO Becky Riley was present and updated the meeting on previous police matters and took away any new issues that had risen.
RTL3 money was discussed and Westonzoyland Sports Pavilion Project was given an amount.
The implications for town and parish councils with regards to the SDC budget was discussed.

11. Correspondence;
(a) EDF – Hinkley Point C consultation.
(b) Direct magazine.
(c) SDC Maintenance Service.
(d) Letter from the Church for a donation towards the floodlighting.It was agreed to give £50.00 this was proposed by S Dare and seconded by H Chappell
(e) The poppy wreath in the village needs to be renewed. The cost of a new one is £16.50. It was proposed by G Mennim to send £20.00 therefore giving a donation of £3.50 to the British Legion, this was seconded by S Dare

12. Matters of report; The future of the Village Hall; Lyng Drove.

Other issues that were discussed were;
· The clerk to send the minutes and the agenda to Lyn Miller to be put on the website.
· The future of Lyng Village Hall.
· The closure of Burrowbridge School.
· S Dare asked what she should do with WI keepsakes, it was decided that they were nothing to do with the Parish Council.
· Cllr Mrs Fraser informed the meeting that Jill Slattery had been very upset about a child that had an accident on Cuts Road.
· A sign belonging to the Rose and Crown was situated at 200yards away from the public house, this had now been removed.

13. The date of the next meeting is 12th September 2011 at 7.30pm