Minutes of meeting 12th September 2011

L  Y  N  G    P  A  R  I  S  H    C  O  U  N  C  I  L


 Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 12th September 2011 at 7.30pm in Lyng Village Hall.


Cllr G. Mennim (Chair)
Cllr S. Dare
Cllr H. Chappell
Cllr G Willis
Helen Walker (Clerk).

 There were 7 members of the public present.

 1.      Apologies; Cllr Mrs A Fraser, Cllr C Dawson, PCSO Becky Riley.

 2.      The minutes of the meeting held on 25th July 2011 were agreed and signed after the following amendments;

·         Point 7; should read Natural England not Nature England.

·         Point 7;Change SCC applying for planning permission to James Winslade as the landowner applying for planning permission.

            ·         Point 7; replace the name Barry Phillips with Steve Parker.

3.      Matters arising; none.

4.      Planning;

32/11/00006 Land at former Durston Railway Station for a Storage Building.

The Councillors had no objections to this application.

32/11/00007 the erection of a hay barn on land at Parsonage Farm, West Lyng

The Councillors had no objections to the application but made the following observations; the entrance needs a firmer base and the visibility to be improved.

 5.      Finance;

(a)   Bank balance as at 10th August 2011 was £3,868.37.    

(b)   Payment of cheque; Payment of £435.00 for the clerk’s salary, proposed by S. Dare and seconded by G Willis.

6.      Highways;

·    Winter salt in dumpy bags have been requested from SCC Highways for the following locations; Hectors Lane, Cuts Road, Hill Terrace. There is a review taking place currently on locations for dumpy bags and the Parish Council request will be considered as part of that review.

·    Chris Betty from SCC has been informed about the 30mph road sign that has been partly knocked over, this will be repaired/replaced in the near future.

·    There are weeds on the footpath and the edge of the pavement kerb between Laburnum House and Saxburgh

·    The Speed Indicator Device (SID) would cost £750.00 to join the scheme. More information to be obtained from SCC.

·    1% to 2% of people are speeding, with 46mph (in a 30mph limit) being recorded.

·     Gill Slattery had a meeting with Chris Betty from SCC on site (Cuts Lane) to discuss putting up a T junction sign after the accident that had taken place. The Parish Councillors would like a site visit with Chris Betty to discuss possible ways forward to improve safety at this junction.

7.      Footpath at Lyng Drove.

Gates have been erected on the drove at Lyng with funding from Natural England.

Three gates have been erected on this drove.  The third gate is on private land. At the present moment the gates are illegal, poorly fitted and not easy to open.

The following comments were made:

·         Should the gates be open or closed until a decision has been made by the SCC.

·         The only people to use the drove in a vehicle are the landowner or someone with his permission.

·         The Parish Council Chair has seen the police log regarding the incidents down the drove.

·         Any gate is a barrier gives the impression of not being able to go through.

·         It is the responsibility of the landowner to keep his stock in the fields.

·         One person who lives locally does see fly tipping taking place down the drove.

·         There are a number of potholes that would prevent vehicles going down the drove.

·         At the present time no one is responsible for filling in the potholes.

·         If the farmers should cause damage to the road it is up to them to repair the damage.

·         The visual impact of the gates, are not within keeping of the surrounding area.

·         Who owns the drove?

·         How can gates be erected if they do not know who owns the land they are on.

The Councillors discussed this matter and voted on objecting to this application.
There were three votes against and 1 vote in favour of this application. The clerk is to write to SCC by 6th October 2011 objecting to this application. The Chair pointed out that if any resident would like to make any further comments or to expand on any other points they could write to Esther Harbour at SCC.

8.      Cemetery issues.

A member of the public said how nice the cemetery is looking.

      9.     Future of Lyng Village Hall.

The accounts for the Village Hall were not available yet so this item to be taken
over to the November meeting.   Because of the number of residents present at the meeting the Chair explained that the Village Hall had been unable to form a Committee so it was very likely it would have to be taken back by the Parish Council.   The Village Hall has no car parking space and situated on the edge of the busy A361 does not make it attractive to hold functions in.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year was discussed. The Rose and Crown will be organising something over the week-end. Would it be possible for the Parish Council to join in with their celebrations?

An archaeology dig is being carried out in a number of gardens in the village, including the Village Hall.

 Lynn Miller was thanked for updating the website, it was a great improvement.


10.  Correspondence;

 11.  Matters of report; The future of the Village Hall; Lyng Drove.

 12.  The date of the next meeting is 14th November  2011 at 7.30pm

The meeting closed at 8.45pm