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Minutes 9th January 2012

L  Y  N  G    P  A  R  I  S  H    C  O  U  N  C  I  L


 Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 9th January 2012 at 7.30pm in Lyng Village Hall 


Cllr G. Mennim (Chair)  Cllr C Dawson  Cllr S. Dare  Cllr H. Chappell  District Councillor Mrs A Fraser
Helen Walker (Clerk). 

Also present were Mr R Barrington, Mr P Popham and Mr I Webber

 Public Session

The gates on the Lyng Drove had been removed. Mr Barrington asked if there was any progress with the gates on the drove being reinstated. The Parish Council had heard nothing from SCC or the Landowners. It was understood that Mr J Winslade is in contact with SCC. The Council was told that since the gates had been removed the hare coursing and fly tipping had started to take place again. People in vehicles were driving down onto the moor and illegal shooting was taking place. The other gates on the length of the drove are in North Newton and Moorland who do not have Parish Councils. They are represented by North Petherton Town Council.

After a long discussion and some points explained by the farmers present the Councillors felt happier about gates being erected on the Drove. They did express their concerns about the look of the gates, that they should not be locked and that they were easy to open. The Clerk to contact Mr Winslade to find out at what stage he was at with  SCC. The Clerk then to write to SCC to find out if anything can be done to get the gates reinstated because the Parish Council was now in support of the gates.   

 1.      Apologies: PCSO Becky Riley.

 2.      The minutes of the meeting held on 14th November 2011 were agreed and duly signed after the amendment in 5(a) to replace the word newspaper with newsletter.

 3.      Matters arising:

No one had heard from the Zoy Villages Twinning Association.

The winter salt bags had been picked up by Mr Brewer and were now in the Chairman’s garden.

 2/11/00009 Rose & Crown Hotel; installation pumped drainage scheme.

32/11/00010 Rose & Crown Hotel; Listed Building Consent for the above application.

The Councillor’s had seen the applications before the meeting. They had no problems with the applications and supported them.

Comments: the private manhole cover at point B in the middle of the road; who would be responsible for the repair/maintenance of the cover?

32/11/00011 B & J Haulage; land at former Durston Railway Station; 2 Live/Work dwellings The Councillors had also seen the application before the meeting and supported it.

Comments: Live/work units are a good idea, looks like it has been well thought out.  Providing new jobs in the area if there is a business attached to them.Better to use brown field sites than leave them derelict.

 5.      Finance;

(a)   Bank balance as at 18th November 2011 was £3,086.08.

(b)   Payment of cheque; £12.30 for S Dare. £4.50 batteries for speed gun and £7.80 for the December newsletter. Proposed by C Dawson and seconded by G Mennim.

    6.      Resignation of Parish Councillor.

            The Chairman had received the resignation of Mr G Willis from the Parish Council. The Clerk                 will get in touch with SDC to inform them of the resignation and get the relevant paper work to             advertise for a new Councillor.

 7.      Highways.

S I D (Speed Indicator Device)

Mr Dave Grabham was available to attend a site visit on most days in January. The Clerk is to get in contact with DG to offer the 16th and the 20th in the afternoon for the visit to agree a site to place the device.

 Community Speed Watch

Everything was going well with the speed watch. More volunteers to operate the gun would be welcome.

 Update on the junction off A361 to Cuts Road.

The Councillors had a site visit with Mr Betty in September 2011 and nothing had happened to improve the junction. The District Councillor for Taunton Dean Borough Council had been in touch with the Chairman to find out if anything had happened to improve the safety at this junction. The clerk had contacted Mr Chris Betty at SCC to find out when any of the changes to signs and road marking on this junction would be taking place. Mr Betty said nothing was due to happened until the last quarter of the financial year (ending 1/4/12). He explained there were limited resources available and there had been a loss of staff.

 Hedge at Willow Tree Cottage

Councillor C Dawson had already spoken to the residents at the above address and they have cut back the hedge.

   8.      Footpath at Lyng Drove.

See comments at the beginning of the minutes.

 9.      Cemetery issues.

The Clerk is to contact Mr Willis to confirm if he would be willing to continue cutting the hedge and grass in the cemetery for 2012.

 10.  Queens Diamond Jubilee 2012.

No comments or suggestions had been received about an event to celebrate the Jubilee. The Clerk to ask the Landlady from the Rose and Crown if she would be willing to attend the next Parish Council meeting to tell the Councillors if the pub was going to hold an event on the Jubilee week-end. The Parish Council may be able to help in some way with that event.

 11.  Future of Lyng Village Hall.

The Clerk had been in touch with Mrs K James a solicitor at Porter Dodson. A resolution will need to be passed at a meeting for the management of the Village Hall to be passed to the Parish Council. Mrs James will write the resolution and after it has been passed it will need to be kept with all the relevant paper work for the Village Hall. When the clerk receives this resolution she will organise a meeting to take place.

 12.  Correspondence;

  • EDF IPC application Section56 notice·
  • Mendip Community Transport
  • · Environment Agency – new assessing nuclear power plant design
  • · SCC Somerset Electoral Review letters x2
  • · NHS joint strategic needs assessment 2011
  • · Direct magazine
  • · CPRE Planning explained
  • · Graham Watson MEP surgeries.

13.  Matters of report; The Drove, The Village Hall, Diamond Jubilee.

 14.  The date of the next meeting is 8th March 2012 at 7.30pm

The meeting closed at 8.40pm

Lynn Miller,
30 Jan 2012, 13:57