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Cider Evening

t all started one hot summer evening, while we were having one of our legendary Village Hall committee meetings, feeling rather thirsty and brainstorming ideas for our next fund-raising event, that Alison suggested we try a Cider and Cheese party.

It was with great anticipation, therefore, that the evening was greeted, after much planning and thought the first Lyng Cider evening was born. The newly decorated hall was suitably attired with balloons and candles and a festive air to welcome our guests to what was anticipated to be a fun, enjoyable and some would say educational evening.

The evening kicked off with the first brew 'Bennetts Dry' which scored 32% or came in 17th out of 21 ciders. Obviously our taste buds had not yet developed and the evening progressed through the Pheasant Plucker to Bulmers, bearing in mind that not all the names on the list of ciders was legible by the adjudicator as the spills became more noticeable, ( have you ever noticed that felt pen and cider does not mix!),  and the writing became somewhat more spidery and disjointed.

Some of the comments attributed to the ciders were, 'Cor Blimey', 'Appletise', 'Pond', ' Getting there', 'Ugg' and from the connoisseurs 'bit acidic', 'too dry', 'smooth'. The author is not responsible for the comments made.

During the interval, many took the opportunity to peruse the recipes strategically placed about the hall and to read about some of the local ciders. We all tried our hand at WURZELIZE with the occasional ooh ahh being overheard through the general conversations. The cheese supper was kindly organised by the village hall committee and a 70's quiz was  hastily put together by Sue Dare who came across some 45's in her attic during the afternoon and we all sang along to Peters and  Lee and Welcome Home. (DIDN'T WE......?).

The evening was finished off with a last chorus of 'I am a cider drinker' and 'I've got a brand new combined harvester' sung by the gathered cider drinkers and helped along by the Wurzels, courtesy of Sue's mum who found an old 33 record in the garage. From the comments made during and afterwards, we can consider the evening a success and now have plans to have a real ale and ploughmans, and a cheese and wine party in the future, bringing your own of course.

Thank you to all who came along and made the evening so memorable, special thanks to the village hall committee especially Alison, who's idea this was in the beginning, who worked so hard to make this happen and Darren  who made such an excellent compare.

The final results

1st Rich ' s Dry                             87%

2nd Parsons Choice Medium         84%

3rd Westons                                 68%

4th Westons Strong                      60%

Many thanks to all our guests who brought along cider to share and to the Cider Farms and local cider makers who donated a gallon thank you.