Lyng is the village that most people pass through.  Lyng is the village you pass through on the way to somewhere else. Few seem to see much of worth in this small village which continues to be home for around 350 people.

But residents of Lyng have often felt undervalued.  The Domesday Book valued the village at forty shillings. 

There is something  magical about the moors which surround Lyng and this magic extends  into the village itself. Despite the long and busy road which joins  Outwood to East Lyng via West Lyng, there is a sense of community and a warmth of friendship which newcomers to the village soon experience and come to value.

There is also a history which (contrary to the picture given in most books) did not end with the death of King Alfred but extends until yesterday.  With the approach of the millennium it seemed a good time to try to rediscover some of the past life of Lyng in order to record it for the future.  And because for most of us Lyng equals people, we felt it most appropriate to allow the residents of Lyng to speak through these pages.