Ye Olde Obligatory "About Me" Statement

My history reads like a great comeback story - I conquered poverty, homelessness, addiction and 
abuse of all kinds to become the woman, mother, student and writer I am today. 
Because of the difficulty I had with my fellow humans in the first part of my life, my early college education was focused on one question: Why do people do the things they do? I studied Sociology, Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, Mythology, World Religions and History to seek the answer to that question. 

The answer, of course is very complex and in no way definitive. People do the things they do for many reasons. Those reasons are a large part of what I write. I prefer writing in a fantasy universe, but my themes can be recognized from our own. Racism, classism, sexism, oppression - the many ways people seek to hold others in their power -these are all things I take from the world around me and amplify to epic proportions. My characters have complex motivations sourced in their history - they all have their own stories whether or not I write them. I draw strength from my own struggles and lend it to my characters to help them overcome their personal demons. I will never write a perfectly good or perfectly evil character. My characters act the way they do because it seems, from their perspective, the best or perhaps easiest path to follow - as I believe nearly all people do.

    Now that I have overcome my demons, I am single-handedly raising three children and two cats while holding down a full-time tech support gig. For my next trick, I will graduate from Southern New Hampshire University with a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and the ultimate goal of teaching others to tap into the art. When I am not too busy with family, studies and avocation, I can be found in fetal position, fully immersed in Firefly and Doctor Who reruns. 



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