Current activities

Dr Nixon is Assistant Professor in the New Media Technology group at the MODUL University Vienna since 1st June 2014. Previously, since October 2013, he was working in the group as Senior Researcher. He is also CTO of the university startup MODUL Technology GmbH, founded to conduct R&D activities on behalf of the university and its faculty. It currently conducts work into social media retrieval, news event detection and entity relation extraction as part of the EU project InVID ( 

He has been responsible for the EU projects LinkedTV ( - as Scientific Coordinator - and MediaMixer ( - as Project Coordinator. He also teaches (Web Information Systems, E-Commerce, Project Management. Media Asset Management and Re-use) and works on acquiring new research projects.

His research domain is semantic technology and multimedia, with a focus on automated media interlinking and the creation of interactive media experiences (hypermedia). 

Previous activities (biography)

Dr. Lyndon J B Nixon received his Masters in Computer Science from Queens University Belfast in 1997. Following some years working in the Computing department, he received a PhD grant from the DAAD and studied at the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS (2001-2003) and the Free University of Berlin (2004-2008). In the former he came into contact with interactive TV, based on DVB-MHP technology. At the latter he began to work in European research projects, becoming Industry Area Co-Manager of the EU NoE KnowledgeWeb and double Workpackage Leader in the EU STREP TripCom. In KnowledgeWeb, Dr. Nixon organized and led activities promoting the transfer of semantic technology to industry. while in TripCom research was performed in distributed and coordinated semantic systems based on triplespace technology. He received his PhD in January 2007 from the Free University of Berlin with the topic 'Semantic Web enabled Multimedia Presentation system'. 

He joined STI International in Vienna as a postdoctoral researcher in November 2008, and from January 2012 to September 2013 he was Head of Research for the Research Unit of STI International (branded "STI Research"). He was responsible for the research activities, which besides student supervision and proposal writing, were the following projects in 2013:

  • LinkedTV (, scientific coordinator, EU project exploring how to interweave Web and TV content
  • ExperiMEDIA (, call 1 experiment partner, EU project offering a testbed for the Future Media Internet. Together with TU Graz we will set up and run an experiment at the Schladming ski resort to test the uptake of future media technologies (AR, hypervideo) by the visitors.
  • ConnectME (, project leader, Austrian project creating a Web hypervideo solution
  • MediaMixer (, project coordinator, EU project supporting a community of video owners to use the latest semantic and media technology to give better access to fragments of their content as well as the rights to its re-use at a fragment level. 

Previously he worked as a workpackage leader in the European IP NoTube (semantic television) and  Infrastructures project SEALS (benchmarking semantic tools), as well as the Future Internet Austria (platform for Future Internet activities in Austria). From June 2010 to May 2012, he was project coordinator for the Future Internet (Web of Services) support action SOFI. In this period he was also working in the European Network of Excellence PlanetData as well as the Austrian augmented reality project SmartReality. Earlier he had contributed to the projects Service Web 3.0 (EU support action for Semantic Services and SOA), SARID and SARIT (Austrian projects for dissemination and training).  as well as the STI Education and Roadmapping services. His project activities mainly covered Web technology deployment, use case management,  technology roadmapping, dissemination and exploitation support and training.

His research interests cover multimedia annotation and processing,  augmentation of media with associated content and interactive interfaces to mobile and TV multimedia / hypermedia content. 

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