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The Art of Nurture ~ Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance Student Art Competition

posted 19 Mar 2010, 14:23 by Lynda Reddington

Wow! I have just returned from the Midlands Finalist exhibition, held at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.  I was short listed from over 500 entries.  Mine, along with 16 other finalist works were hung in the gallery space amongst great masters - including Turner - Turner Prize here I come ;-)  An event catalogue was produced, illustrating all the works.  With a glass of red wine and canopies to hand, I mingled, looking at all the superb art.  It was amazing to see the invited guests stopping and looking at my work - observing, commenting - the way I do with others, and it just felt the most natural thing in the whole word, where I belong.  My art work is very important to me, allowing an expression that has been busting to come out from the very centre of my being.  So watch out, an explosion of art is making its way out in to this world!

Fine Artist Lynda Reddington

posted 19 Mar 2010, 13:32 by Lynda Reddington

OMG! I'm totally excited to get my shiny new website out there in the big wide world on the world wide web! I'm launching my work to you - watch this space...

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