Artist Statement

My work is concept led, concerned with what it means to be human, exploring our emotions, who we are and where we belong in this world.


I begin by exploring an idea, capturing my inner thoughts and emotions, using automatic writing and drawing in a rapid and spontaneous creative process to access a realm of pure creativity – a poetic exploration, revealing something of myself within the work.


This allows me to visually express the language of my inner self, my inner thoughts and sub-conscious – allowing for an element of chance and the unknown to emerge.


Developing my concepts until I have captured the very essence of my intention, using a variety of media – photography, digital drawing and painting, charcoal, maker pens.  The immediacy of these tools gives me the ability to capture my responses in a rapid and spontaneous way.


The result is an open and uncensored response, that I hope give the space for viewers to experience their own emotional responses.

Lynda Reddington

Lynda Reddington,
19 Mar 2010, 11:45