Each year the Moms' and Dads' Club creates an Athletic Journal, which is distributed to the graduating seniors at The Annual Senior Athletic Dinner.  

All Middle School Athletic Teams, JV and Varsity teams are invited to sponsor the Journal. Typically a Moms' and Dads' Club volunteer will ask for a donation of $5 per team member and send this to one of our Journal Reps Arlene Salazar or Gabrielle Gavzie along with a team photo and a note of support for the graduating seniors.  The team photo and note will be included in the Journal.  If you are not sure if another parent volunteer is organizing this for your team, check in with the coach!  Thank you! 

Parents of seniors are invited to begin submitting photos of their Senior athletes now.  Please only send photos that include seniors, and please try to include the names if possible.  You may send individual photos or group photos (as long as everyone in the shot is a senior! :) )  These photos may be sent to:   Please share this email address so that we can include photos of all senior athletes.