The Lynbrook Moms and Dads Club offers parents, friends, coaches and teachers of Lynbrook athletes the opportunity to get involved in the spirited support of Lynbrook's Varsity and, Junior Varsity teams.

The Lynbrook Moms & Dads Club is a parent run organization whose mission is to promote athletic excellence, positive community image and competitive programs by providing financial assistance and support to our Lynbrook High School athletes, coaches, staff and athletic department through memberships, fundraising and donations.

We are committed to providing the Lynbrook student-athletes with a safe, reliable and quality facilities, equipment, and opportunities.  The Lynbrook Moms & Dads Club raise funds annually to sponsor and award the following events and items:

*NCAA College Recruitment Night

*Trophies and plaques for Varsity Athletes and Banners displayed throughout the 

   LHS gymnasium

*Senior Varsity Awards Dinner honoring all senior athletes

*Athletic Journal distributed to all senior athletes at the Senior Varsity Awards  


*Over $14,000 in Athletic Scholarships and Spirit Awards to deserving senior 

   athletes distributed at the Awards Dinner


We have also donated the following items that enhanced the performance of our athletic program and athletes:

*Logo "Owls " Stadium Seats for Gymnasium

*Weights & Benches for Marion Weight Room

*Upgraded equipment for LHS Physical Fitness Center

*Defibrillator for School District

*Pace Clock for Varsity Swimmers

*Score Board at South Middle School

*Speaker system for Athletics

*“Step-n-Repeat” photo backdrop 

*High hat Cameras For fields to tape games and practices

*Dedicated Owl Mascot Costume for the Athletic Department

Please help keep our Athletes and Athletic program going strong by joining 

the Lynbrook Moms & Dads Club today.