Lynbrook Council of PTAs is the coordinating body for each of the District's individual PTAs

and SEPTA.  Members of Council’s Executive Board and Executive Committee, which

includes the presidents of each individual PTA unit, meet monthly to conduct Council

business and address parental concerns within the District.

PTA Council recognizes the need for inter-parent communication and a cooperative learning

environment within our school community. In order to provide parent education to address

 important issues affecting our school and community and the well-being of the children in our

District, Council hosts three PTA Joint Council Meetings, which are listed in the calendar.

Parents and community members are encouraged to attend. PTA Council also organizes the

Lynbrook Scholarship Fund, directs a Curriculum Committee to research important areas of

curriculum, and hosts the annual Founders’ Day Celebration and the Meet the Candidates Night.

 By working cooperatively with the District administration, Council can fulfill its mission to be

 a voice for our children, a resource for parents and an advocate for a strong public education.



Lynbrook Council of PTAs 2016-2017

Executive Board Members:


Charmaine Sorbara

Jen Denker 

1st Vice President:

Lori Quagliozzi

2nd Vice President: 

Debby Doyle 


Susan O’Brien 

Corresponding Secretary:

Andrea Goldstein 

Past President:

Amy Tappeto 

Scholarship Homecoming Game:

Chrissy Keller

Veronica Cohen 

Scholarship Staff Volleyball Game:

Kelly Murray 

Founders Day Rep:

Lori Quagliozzi

Health and Safety:

Veronica Krendel 


Maria Fasano

Unit Presidents: 


Stacey Kaplan 

Kim Pontrelli  


Sadie Garone  

Kelly Stapelton 

North Middle:

Jane Paladino

Maria Squiteri  

South Middle:

Lisa DeMonte  

Mari Benedict  

Marion Street :

Mary Beth Stalter  

Stephanie Schafer  

Waverly Park:

Lisa Hoffman  

Michele Greenfeld

West End:

Marla Chatterton 

Erin Wulff  

EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION: In the event that the district website is not operational for any reason in the future, an alternate emergency website has been set up at

“The Lynbrook Council of PTAs is not affiliated with, or sponsored or supported by the Lynbrook Public Schools. Any and all information posted on this website is provided to you solely by the Lynbrook Council of PTAs and is not school endorsed by the Lynbrook Public Schools.”  

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