The Lyme Vaccine

Hesitate & Educate
Before You Vaccinate!

Supporters of a NEW Lyme Vaccine 
Are wondering if a remake of the old 
Lyme vaccine will be their new cash cow?  

Intelligent People Who Are 
Exposed to Ticks 
At Home or at Work 
Are Asking Themselves...

Should I get the Lyme Vaccine?  
Is the vaccine safe?
Does it really work?

Get your questions answered here!

Something To Consider

There is no one who wants a safe and effective Lyme vaccine more than those who have had chronic Lyme disease and those who have educated and assisted millions of people with tick borne diseases.  Educating the public is a primary goal for all with first hand experience.

After a careful review of the questionable science, sub-standard Lyme tests used in vaccine trials, the faulty definition of Lyme and its related treatment guidelines, tainted opinions from highly questionable clinical trials, wildly deceptive practices in play for more than two decades and personally assisting previously healthy people who became ill after receiving the LymeRix vaccine before it was pulled from the market...

We will NOT recommend the vaccine to our friends and family.


That should tell you something.   

What Is In A Vaccine?

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Watch the Movie 

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Global Vaccine Action Plan

2011- 2020

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The Greater Good 

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Vaccine Nation

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