Educate Before You Vaccinate!

Producers of A
NEW Lyme Vaccine 
Wonder if another attempt to 
Sell a Lyme Vaccine will succeed?  

Intelligent People Exposed to Ticks 
At Home or at Work 
Are Asking...

Should I get the new Lyme Vaccine?  
Is the vaccine safe?
Does it really work?

Get your questions answered here!

Something To Consider

No one wants a safer and more effective Lyme vaccine 

than those who have chronic Lyme disease and those 

who have treated millions of people who suffer from 

tick borne diseases as a result. 


After a careful review of the:

Questionable science involved; 

Sub-standard Lyme tests used in the vaccine trials

The restricted & faulty definition of Lyme disease;

Lyme treatment guidelines whose authors are riddled with conflicts of interest; 

The deceptive Lyme practices that have been in play for the past four decades;

And personally assisting people who became ill after receiving the LymeRix vaccine...

We will not get one ourselves and 

Do NOT recommend the vaccine for 

Our friends and family.


THAT should tell you something!   

"Suicide as well as depression, anxiety, brain fog, paranoia, 
loss of mental capacities, and other mental symptoms were 
also reported to be associated with the Lyme vaccine clinical trial. 
The Adverse Event Reporting System described a 43-year-old man
 who committed suicide seven months after receiving the 
vaccine who described severe pain and an inability 
“to get relief from 14 different doctors he had seen”.  

We Encourage You To Recycle...
Unless It Involves Recycling 
The Same Old Lyme Vaccine!
Don't Let The Lipstick Fool You!
New & Improved Does Not Always 
Mean It Is New & Improved.

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Suicide And Lyme 

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