The best way to manage Lyme Disease and Related Illnesses is not to get them at all. In addition, for those who already have had or currently have Lyme Disease reinfection holds many implications.  For those reasons we are providing a list of resources for you on the topic of PREVENTION.   You are invited to submit suggestions for additions to the page to

TICK TALK with BOB OLEY: Great information here as posted on - Learn how to protect yourself and  your family from TBDs. 

For KIDS and Families: 

A Greener Way to Keep Bugs Away:

California Department's Timothy Tick helps you teach KIDS about TBDs!

Insect Repellent - Best Insect Repellents for Kids - By Vincent Iannelli, M.D.

Columbia Sportswear for great kids's and adult protective - Bug Shield line.

Articles and Presentations:

Think T.I.C.K. - Take Action: Prevention strategies from The Tick Encounter Resource Center.

Best Way to Keep Bugs At Bay, Consumer Reports July 2010. Discusses a variety of bug sprays containing a variety of ingredients, DEET and DEET FREE.  Also provides chart for comparison.

Safe Bug Sprays for Camping Adventures, A.E. Smith  Discusses DEET FREE alternatives bug sprays.

Ron Hamlen Lyme Disease and Prevention


Web Resources for Prevention Tips and Research:
  (Exceptional resource on prevention!!!)

Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern PA

California Lyme Disease Association (CALDA)

The Lyme Project


Deer And Tick Prevention Companies:

Peter Benz Landscaping: offering deer Fencing, gates, landscaping and  Damminex Tick Tubes


Tick Testing Resources:  Lyme Action PA does not endorse or recommend the following labs but only offers them as a resource as a service to you.

Lyme-Aid Tick Testing Kits

Tick Encounter Resrouce Center Tick Testing Resource Page