PA Senate Bill 210

A PUBLIC HEARING on the Senate Bill was held in June, 2010.

The video archive of Public Hearing on PA SB1199 (Currently Known as SB 210) is available, in its entirety: 

CLICK HERE for a link to the video webcast.

Please contact your SENATOR and ask for his or her vote to pass SB 210 (formerly 1199) in PA.  You, as their constituents, make a big difference in their awareness of the issues. 

Contact your REPRESENTATIVE and ask for a meeting... many are not aware of the crisis in our state.  Please share with them. They can't help us if they don't know.

For a sample template letter that you can personalize CLICK HERE.

feedback.jpgFor LINKS to all state REPRESENTATIVES and SENATORS by county CLICK HERE.

To view full content of PA SB 210 please CLICK HERE.