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Montgomery County (PA)
Lyme Disease Information and Support Group

MontCoLyme is a resource, information, and support group for those affected by or considering Lyme or Tick Borne Diseases as a possible explanation for health issues.  These meetings provide information, resources and support to those coping with Lyme.  There are plenty of resources and information available, including DVDs, Videos, books, and articles, pamphlets/brochures, etc., as well as fellow-Lyme patients   We will address questions and issues with re: Lyme diagnosis, treatment and related issues.  Please note:  we are not medical professionals, and discussion or information provided should not be considered medical advice.

Meetings: Fourth Monday of each Month at 7:00 PM

Location: St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Main & Church Streets, North Wales, PA 19454 (

Contact: Julia Wagner,, 888-661-LYME (5963).

2011 Meeting Schedule, updated 11/28/2011

In this November meeting  we will not have a speaker; however, we will show the DVD from early summer 2011 with Dr. Joseph Burrascano discussing evolution in the treatment of Chronic/Persistent Lyme and related coinfections. 


As usual, at all meetings:  we have a full resource table with high quality informational and educational resources available, along with a network of others who have personally experienced Tick-Borne diseases.


Reminder - No Scents:  please refrain from wearing any scents, lotions, perfumes, sprays, as some participants are highly sensitive to such chemicals/scents.  


All meetings are the fourth Monday of the month: at 7pm, and held at St. Peter's Lutheran church, 211 Main Street, North Wales, PA  19454.



  • January 23, 2012 - SPEAKER:  we will start off 2012 with a physician researcher from NeuroSciences who will discuss research regarding immune responses that are useful in confirming active infection in Lyme disease.  They have studied the cytokines (inflammatory markers) and other indicators to develop a test called MyLymeImmuneID.  Right now, this is the only test of it's kind that can indicate current infection and it is covered by most insurance companies. Neurosciences focuses heavily on dysfunctions in the HPA axis (Hypothalmus/Pituitary/Adrenal glands) which happen to be very common in chronic lyme patients resulting in symptoms like sleep disruption, anxiety and more, which, if addressed, can make a significant difference in symptoms and ability of the immune system to function properly.  Speaker details to be announced shortly. See:  - for online webinars including one on MyLymeImmuneID.


Julia F. Wagner
President of MontCoLyme (Montgomery County (PA) Lyme Information and Support Group)
MontCoLyme - 211 Main Street, North Wales, PA  19454

888-661-LYME (5963).