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Pennsylvania Media Coverage of Lyme Disease:

Erick Huck's Story in The Patriot News 1.30.13 When Lyme Disease Symptoms Stick Around

Nothing Simple About Lyme: Tick-borne Ilness Divides Doctors and Confounds Patients.  April 12, 2011, DelewareOnline (a Gannette Company) "Debbie Ewart's ordeal began seven years ago, when she was bitten by a tick just after moving to Bethany Beach from North East, Md. Aching muscle cramps started about a week later, with the discomfort eventually progressing to what Ewart described as "muscle freezes" that temporarily immobilized her left arm. A wave of fatigue made getting out of the bed a struggle, though restful sleep seemed permanently elusive. (Read more)

Computer Scientist Researched Her Own Condition, Lyme Disease  Monday April 11, 2011 by Pohia Smith, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"When doctors proved unable to cure her Lyme disease, computer scientist Jennifer Mankoff did what many people do when they're chronically ill: She went online to see what medical organizations had to say about it." (Read more)

Locals recount long battle with Lyme disease April 10, 2011, 5:06 p.m. EDT; Norristown Times Herald 1 JRC 20091109  First in a TWO part series: "WEST NORRITON — Dawn Rittenhouse DiFiore’s friends and family are turning her years of struggle with chronic Lyme disease into an opportunity to improve awareness about the complex disease and help the Lower Providence resident with an infusion of some much-needed funds for medical bills." (Read more)

"Camp Hill Woman With Lyme Disease Supports Senate Bill to Improve Diagnosis/Treatment" by Matt Miller for the Patriod News: CLICK HERE

"In Their Words: Early Diagnosis is Key to Helping Kids Deal with Lyme Disease" by Miriam Minotti for the Patriot-News:  CLICK HERE

"Dear PA Legislators: Lyme Disease Isn't Always Diagnosed by a Test" by Linda Olley for The Patriot-News: CLICK HERE

Media Covers Lyme Disease:

CALDA POLICYWONK: Speaking TRUTH to POWER. Dr. Ligner lays it Out for the IOM. (Sept 16, 2010)

The Neuropsychiatric Assessment of Lyme Disease by Robert Bransfield, M.D. (July 28 2010)

Proof That Chronic Lyme Disease Exists (May 25 2010, Pub Med)

PCN: Public Hearing for PA SB1199, Harrisburg (June 22 2010)

WNEP: Push for Tougher Standards for Lyme Treatment (June 21 2010)

NBC NEWS 10, Philadelphia Covers Chronic Lyme: Click HERE!  (July 2009)

The Controversy:

IDSA (Infectious Diseases Society of America): 2009 Lyme Review Panel Hearing Webcast

MS Misdiagnosis of LYME: CLICK HERE

General Information on Lyme Disease:

Dr Jon Sterngold: Various Articles: lyme disease

Dr. Sam Donta: The Interface of Chronic Lyme Disease, CFS, and FMS:

Symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease:  SymptomList.pdf

Lyme Disease; the Great Imitator (in Psychology Today): CLICK HERE

MS and Lyme Disease:  CLICK HERE

Dr. Daniel Cameron's Lyme E-Book: CLICK HERE

Lyme Information: CLICK HERE

Lyme Disease Coinfections: CLICK HERE

Burrascano's Diagnostic Tips and Guidelines: CLICK HERE

ILADS Guidelines for the Management of Lyme Disease: CLICK HERE

The Human Side of Lyme: CLICK HERE

Top 10 Tips to Prevent Lyme Disease: CLICK HERE

Panic Attacks and Lyme: CLICK HERE



Brochures about Lyme Disease:

ABC's of Lyme Disease: Important Information Especially for PARENTS and TEACHERS: CLICK HERE

Lyme-R-Primer Brochure: CLICK HERE

What Psychiatrists Need to Know About Lyme: CLICK HERE

Lyme Disease Associations and Organizations:

International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society:

Lyme Disease Association of Southeast PA:

California Lyme Disease Association (CALDA):

Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Research Center:

Turn the Corner Foundation:

Lyme Disease Association:


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