Ms. Ly's Schedule
Period A        on-call/prep                 
Period B        Connections          room 201
Period C        lunch                       
Period D        Connections          room 201
Period E        Connections          room 201                                                                            
Cross Country Practice ---  Mon. Wed. lunch  +  Tues. Thurs. after school ---- Sept. to Nov.
Track & Field Practice   ---  practices TBD ---- March to June

You can reach me at ---- (905) 274-1271 ext. 422
My e-mail address is ---- khoi.ly@peelsb.com
Interesting Quotes...

"There is a fundamental connection between respect and peace...We will have peace on earth when the rights of all living beings are cherished and respected"

"It is more rewarding for us to achieve a goal which we thought not possible in the beginning"

"The more we hoard for ourselves, the more we lose; and the more we give, the more we gain"

"If we want to change our future, we must change our present. Therefore, the present is the most important. Forget the past!"

"True repentance is not just to know our mistakes, nor is it to say that we won't make the same mistake again. It is to correct what we do, do it well, and do it better."

"To be honest to yourself means to be honest to everyone"

"To criticize is easy, but to do the job is not"

"Our greatest enemy we ourselves have is our ego, our own pride"