About the Lyceum


          We are a group of philosophers who are engaged in the project of introducing critical reasoning and philosophy to pre-college students. 

Interview with co-founder Greg Stoutenburg

e think one's education in philosophy is too important to wait. To that end, we organize
 an annual
 summer camp to introduce philosophy and logic to Iowa's pre-college students. The summer camp is free to any interested students aged thirteen and up. The summer camp runs for five days. 
We limit enrollment to about fifteen students to ensure each student has a chance to participate.

          Introducing pre-college students to critical reasoning and philosophy has practical benefits. For example, it has been
well established that college philosophy students fare significantly better than many other students on graduate admission exams, and philosophy majors see a median mid-career salary greater than those seen by biology majors, business management majors, and education majors (for example,
). And philosophy has more to offer than money. The worth of one's ability to think clearly, and think for oneself, is not measured in dollars. It is measured in the ability to live one's life according to reasoned choices in all walks of life. This especially makes one's philosophical education too important to wait.

          There is also an Illinois Lyceum (Champaign), a Utah Lyceum (Cedar City), and a Michigan Lyceum (Dearborn). Each program offers summer camps in philosophy to spread philosophical discourse to younger students, who we think stand to benefit practically from a philosophical education, especially by honing one's reasoning abilities. We encourage our friends in those states to attend their local Lyceum program!