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EA2D tablet game

I am pretty excited that I was chose to work in a game project with respectful client EA2D studio  (became Bioware San Francisco later) . In the whole spring semester, we are working in the EA headquarters building in Redwood City. So we can work hand in hand with our client, which will provide convenient communication and technology support.

We are expected to design and develop a tablet game, which closely integrates with EA2D's incoming Facebook game Dragon Age Legends. Our client EA2D ask us to develop a game that would enhance the gameplay experience for the players who play both games. Our goal for this semester is to deliver to them a fully functional and connected game that is ready for release to the general public.

On technical aspect, we decided to develop on iPad with HTML5, Javascript on frontend and Java on backend.

team photo

We built our project website. You are welcome to visit it :