Author Checklist for Supplemental Digital Content

Authors may submit Supplemental Digital Content (SDC) to LWW journals to enhance their article’s text.  Supplemental Digital Content may include standard media such as text documents, graphs, tables, figures, graphics, illustration, audio, animations, and video.  Supplemental Digital Content files will be available in the article by clicking a URL.  If an article with SDC is accepted, our production staff will create a URL with the SDC file.  The URL will be placed in the call-out within the article.  SDC files are not copy-edited by LWW staff, they will be presented digitally as submitted.
Requirements for Supplemental Digital Content are strictly enforced.  Follow the links below to read the full LWW guidelines.
Step 1 > Create SDC files according to these file requirements
Step 2Build into the manuscript text file a call-out and SDC list
Step 3 > Submit the files to the journal, including online submission methods
Please note that the same journal policies for manuscript submission relating to peer-review, patient anonymity, copyright, and permissions also apply to supplemental digital content.  Refer to a journal’s Instructions for Authors prior to submitting an article that includes supplemental digital content.

Supplemental Digital Content files that do not meet the requirements posted on this site may be returned to the author without review.