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                        CONCURRENCE TIME!!!!
              Local league comments due May 1, 2015

All  LWVAK members are invited to participate in concurrence on a LWVAK study which has considered processes and procedures related to voting which are designed to increase equity and informed public participation on the electoral process. The scope of the study included: 


  • Redistricting
  • Methods of voting
  • Who can vote
  • Voting security
  • Voter information/Election Pamphlet

To access the proposed position statements on these topics, background information, and bibliographies, CLICK on these topics on the sidebar to the left. Read, think, and discuss the information with fellow LWV members.  Local leagues will provide an opportunity for your input on the proposed positions. Check with your local league president for the input process and schedule.

In addition to information directly related to the concurrence, you will find additional background information developed during the study on this google site.

Thank you for your input in this concurrence process.                 

LWVAK Voting Processes and Procedures Study Committee Members

Marjorie Menzi, Chair (Juneau)

Anchorage – Pat Redmond

Fairbanks – Christy Everett, Linda Witt

Juneau – Hetty Barthel, carolyn Brown, Cheryl Jebe, Jerry Smetzer, Margo Waring

Soldotna – Lois Pillifant


Americans deserve election systems that are free, fair and accessible for all eligible voters. The League works to modernize and streamline the voting process, promote transparent and accountable redistricting, and make it easier for all eligible citizens to participate in elections.


(Updated 2014) 

Government                                                                                                      Position: VOTER REGISTRATION


The League of Women Voters of Alaska believes that an equitable voter registration system should encourage maximum interest and participation in the electoral process, be simple and efficient to administer, and should aid in preventing fraudulent voting practices.  To achieve these objectives, the League supports:

  • Voter identification which does not inhibit voter access to the electoral process;
  • Mandatory training of election officials;
  • Comprehensive registration information available online; and
  • Outreach to all eligible residents including newly naturalized citizens and students.


The League believes that a statewide registration system should reflect the above objectives and should:

  • Provide for permanent and portable registration with the ability to change registration information  online;
  • Make registration easily accessible (e.g. through the Division of Motor Vehicles);
  • Allow registration in person and  by mail as well as through electronic means;
  • Provide a system of preregistration for 16-17 year olds;
  • Permit  same day registration for voting on election day; and
  • Provide for routine purging of registration rolls.


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Adopted 1968; Reaffirmed each year since at LWVAK Convention and updated 2014