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Study Scope

The update will consider the use of public funds for private schools, for-profit schools, and school vouchers; accountability for schools using public funding; forward funding of schools; adjustment for inflation in public school funding; and the usefulness of an education permanent fund. We will look at recent trends and research in these areas as well as what other state Leagues have done with their School Finance Positions.

We will look at the following questions (and others as suggested by committee members.

1. Should there be accountability for all schools receiving public funds (for-profit schools, secular and nonsecular private schools, online private/for-profit schools)?  If so, what form should that accountability take? Should the form of accountability vary from school-type to type?

2. Should the School Finance Position of LWVAK support forward-funding for school finance?

3.   Should LWVAK suggest tying school funding to inflation?

4. Should LWVAK support the establishment of a school finance permanent fund?

1. The President's 2015 Budget Proposal for Education. U. S Department of Education. <> 
2.  Alaska Schools. Local School <> This website will give you the names and contact info on both public/charter and private K12 schools in Alaska.
3. HB 278: Education Bill 2014. The Alaska State Legislature. Basis. <>
4. LWVUS Position: The Role of Federal Government in Public Education <>
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Teleconference Meeting, Tuesday, Jan. 20, 6:30 -8 pm. for update committee members. Contact for dial-in information.