Welcome to the website of the Leisure World Tennis Club (LWTC).  This web site contains a lot of information and photos that (hopefully) you will find interesting and useful.

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Use the links below to go to other LWTC websites:

    Leisure World Tennis Club Court Reservation website:
    Leisure World Tennis Club Ball Machine Reservation website:
    Leisure World Tennis Club Round Robin Registration website: 

   Leisure World Tennis Tournament Registration website:
   Leisure World Tennis Club Member Information Update website:

You can navigate your way around the website by clicking on the links that are placed at the left edge of this page and the other pages within the web site.  You can navigate to the following pages:
Home Page -- This is where you are now.
75+ Group -- This page contains information about the LWTC 75+ Group.

AED Procedure Page -- This page contains a link to a video that show the procedure for using the AED and states where the AED is located.

Bylaws and Policies Page  -- This page provides links to the LWTC bylaws and policies.
Captains Page -- This page contains information and downloadable material that is of value to captains and co-captains of the LWTC EVSTL teams.

Contacts Page -- This page lists the LWTC officers, committee chairpersons, and EVSTL team captains.

Event Calendar -- This page provides the dates and locations of LWTC meetings, in-house tournaments, tournaments with other East Valley teams, and tennis social events held here in Leisure World.
EVSTL Page -- This page contains a map showing the locations of EVSTL member parks, Match Play Logs (MPLs) of the LWTC teams, EVSTL team photos, and important EVSTL documents.
Financial Page -- This page contains the monthly LWTC financial statements.
History Page -- This page describes the creation of the LWTC.  It includes photos.
Important Tennis Stuff -- This page provides links to important documents (The Code, ITF Rules of Tennis, etc.) and links to very good tennis-related web sites.

Instruction Videos Page -- This page contains links to tennis instruction videos that are located on YOUTUBE.

Links To Other Websites Page -- This page contains links to other tennis-related websites.
Meeting Minutes Page -- This page contains links to the minutes of the monthly LWTC general meetings.
Member Contributions Page -- This page provides links to documents that have been created by LWTC members that are of interest to the club members.  If you would like to share your knowledge with the other members of the club, this is the place to do it -- just contact the webmaster.
Officers Page -- This page contains photos and short biographies of the LWTC officers.

Reservations Page -- This page contains a brief description of the method of reserving tennis courts and ball machines.  Links to the tennis court and ball machine websites as well as the website for Round Robin tennis are included.
Social and Tournament Photos -- This page contains links to pages that contain photos of past social events and tennis tournaments.  Most of these pages of photos were created by former webmaster, Peter Montgomery.
Tennis Academy Page -- This page provides information about a tennis training program available to Leisure World residents.  This training program is tailored to the needs of beginning tennis players.

Tennis Pickleball Court Project -- This page contains information about the progress made toward achieving the new tennis and pickleball courts within Leisure World.